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Can I install a towel warmer bar horizontally?

Warmup recommends towel warmers to be installed vertical only.

Towel warmer bars are designed to evenly distribute heat across the entire surface of the towel. Towel bars work most efficiently when towels are hung flat against them. Hanging a towel horizontally reduces the surface area of the towel that’s in contact with the bar, which means it will take longer for the towel to warm up, and you might not get the desired warmth.

When you hang a towel horizontally, only a small portion of the towel comes into contact with the bar, resulting in uneven heating. In addition, towel bars are designed and tested to be installed vertically, according to our installation manual. Installing them horizontally could potentially compromise their structural integrity and safety.

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If you would like a visual demonstration of an installation, please view the video below: