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4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat

4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat

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Controlled from a smartphone, tablet or computer, the 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat learns how you use your heating and the unique way your house reacts. Download MyHeating app on the app store or connect to the web portal Comes with a 12-Year warranty when paired with a Warmup heating system.


Why does my thermostat set into open window function and decreases my set temperature?

Welcome to our informative post on learning more about the open window function on your Warmup Smart Thermostat. Follow along down below to read more about this function.

Can my thermostat connect to Google Home?

Yes, your thermostat can connect to your Google Home. Read the instructions down below to find out how!

How to turn on frost protection using the MyHeating App?

In this guide, we will walk you through a simple process to deactivate the SmartGeo feature, turn off the heating, and disable the frost protection on your device. By following these instructions, you will have full control over your heating system and ensure that frost protection is no longer active.

How do I change my password using the MyHeating app?

In this guide, we will provide you with instructions on how to change your password using the MyHeating app. Whether you prefer following a video tutorial or written instructions, we have got you covered. Changing your password is an essential step in maintaining the security of your account, and we will walk you through the process to ensure a smooth and successful password update. By the end of this guide, you will have the knowledge and confidence to navigate the password change feature within the MyHeating app, safeguarding your account against unauthorized access. Let’s dive in and explore the steps together.

What is the lock icon on the 4iE Smart Thermostat?

The lock icon on the 4iE Smart Thermostat represents that the thermostat has gone into standby mode. It will show at the bottom center of your thermostat.

Why does my thermostat read a percentage (Regulator Mode)?

When applied, you will select a number and this percentage represents the number of minutes the heat will be on out of every 10 minute cycle. For example, if you select 60%, the heat will be on for 6 minutes, followed by 4 minutes of the system being off. Then, after the 4 minutes, it will activate again for 6 and so on. This will continue until your programmed heating period ends or until you manually turn off the heat.

Can my sensor probe be extended?

Yes, please click “Read More” for details.

Is an electric floor heating thermostat the same as regular thermostats?

No, floor heating thermostats are specifically designed to control electric floor heating systems. 

How can I turn my system on or off completely?

Powering off your thermostat is an important function to be familiar with, as it allows you to completely shut down your system when needed. Whether you prefer visual guidance or step-by-step instructions, we have you covered! Below, you’ll find videos and detailed instructions specific to popular thermostat models, including the Warmup 6iE, 4iE, and Terra thermostats. You can choose to watch the videos to visually follow along or refer to the instructions tailored to your thermostat model.

Can I use the 4iE to control my Air Conditioning unit (A/C)?

The 4iE is designed for use with heating only and is not capable of controlling air conditioning units.

Can I swap my 3iE to a 4iE or Tempo?

Yes. The box and mounting requirements are identical for all horizontal Warmup thermostats and the sensor is compatible. If you’d like to swap a 3iE for a 4iE or Tempo thermostat you will need to consult with a qualified electrician, as it requires handling line voltage wires when disconnecting and reconnecting.

Internet to 4iE: How to connect the 4iE to the Internet?

Warmup 4iE thermostats come with or without WiFi capability. If you have a 4iE with WiFi capability and the home screen shows internet bars with an X above, this indicates that your 4iE internet connection has failed or has not yet been set up. Connecting your 4iE thermostat to WiFi is easy and doing so will allow you to access your thermostat from any location via the My Heating App or

How do I upload a custom background to my 4iE?

The 4iE® is offered in White & Black. It is designed to look great in both modern and traditionally styled homes, with glass effect front faces and beveled chrome edges to reflect wall colors.The large color touchscreen can be customized with different themes and custom up-loadable photo backgrounds* to complement your wallpaper. There’s even a 7-day local weather forecast built in*. (*WiFi version only)

Why Won’t My 4iE Connect to the Internet?

Check you are using a WPA2 password format (less than 10 characters) on your network. Click “Read More” for details.

What does the ‘!’ mean on my 4iE Screen?

This may also mean that you have not yet registered the actual thermostat under your location as a room. Please make sure you have added a room, which requires you to enter the thermostats unique device number to fully register. 

What does it mean if my thermostat reads “overload” on this display?

The overload message will occur if more than 15 AMPS has been connected to the thermostat. Click “Read More” for details.

If I’ve Registered an Account, Why Does my 4iE Still Have an ‘!’ on the Screen?

It could also mean that your thermostat is connected to the internet but you have not registered the device as a room on the myheating app or the my.warmup portal. In this instance, you will need to gather your 4iE’s device number and enter a room at your location on your profile. 

Connected to the internet and getting the 4iE ! message?

Ensure you have created your account and registered the thermostat using the Device Number. Click “Read More” for details. 

Do Warmup thermostats zone?

If you are looking to heat multiple spaces separately, you will require multiple thermostats. Read more in this post about zoning.

Does every room with floor heat need its own thermostat?

Want to learn more about the thermostat requirements for floor heating? This post explores several factors you should consider.

What are the dimensions of the 4iE custom background image?

The 4iE custom background screen is 320 x 240 px. Click to learn more about the custom 4iE background image and it’s scaling.

Can the 4iE be connected to Samsung Home?

The 4iE can be connected to Samsung Home via IFTT.

How to open the main menu

Want to know how to open the main menu the 4iE thermostat? This post will tell you how and link you to other topics that you may find useful.

How do I cancel an override?

Want to cancel an override that you made on your 4iE thermostat? This post will tell you and show you in a short video clip.

What does cancel heating off mean?

Wondering what the words “cancel heating off” mean on your 4iE home screen? This post will explain its meaning to you to make thermostat usage easier.

How do I program my thermostat to stay on all night?

Following along to the custom programming video with the below tips in mind will allow you to successfully program your thermostat for overnight use.

How do you update software on a 4iE thermostat?

Looking to update the software on your 4iE thermostat? This post will tell you all about software updates and how they work.

How do I perform a GFCI Test on my thermostat?

Do you need to test the GFCI on your Warmup thermostat? This post will provide the directions needed for performing this test.

Thermostat Mounting

Are you installing a Warmup thermostat and looking for mounting information? Find the mounting diagrams you need here in this post.

How do I connect my 4iE to WiFi?

Wondering how to connect your 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat to WiFi? this post includes a video clip showing how and written instructions.

Can I use the 4iE with another type of heating?

Are you wondering what kind of heating you can connect the 4iE thermostat to? Learn the answer to that question here in this post.

How to change the location setting on the 4iE?

Notice your weather report on your smart thermostat is off? Find out here how to confirm your location is properly set.

How far away from the thermostat can the relay be mounted?

Are you wondering about the mount location of your relay? Learn more about mounting your relay in this post.

Why does my thermostat say test monthly?

Are you wondering why your thermostat says test monthly? Wondering what you should do? Learn all of that and more in this post.

What can I do if my old thermostat has stopped working?

Does it appear that your old thermostat has stopped working? Learn more here about what you can do next to get your floors warm again.

What is a setback temperature and how do I set it?

Are you wondering what a setback temperature is on the 4iE smart thermostat? You can learn all about it here and how it is used.

How can I adjust the thermostat temperature temporarily?

A temporary temperature adjustment on the 4iE is called an override. Overriding will allow you to make temperature adjustments without re-programming the entire thermostat. To start an override on your 4iE follow the below video clip.

How do I set the time and date on the 4iE?

Wondering how to set the time and date on your 4iE thermostat? You can learn how to here from a short video or discription.

How can I tell AM from PM on the 4iE?

Wondering how you can tell AM and PM on the 4iE thermostat? Learn how here.

What is a fixed temperature and how to I set or change it?

Are you wondering what a fixed temperature is on your smart thermostat? Learn here about this program and how to change it.

Can you trim the floor sensor?

The floor probe wire can be trimmed. Learn more here.

How do I find the MAC address of the thermostat?

Looking for the MAC address of your thermostat? Learn where to find it here.

How do Warmup thermostats work?

Wondering how Warmup thermostats work? Learn all about how they work by reading more here.

How do I register a 4iE?

Looking to register a 4iE thermostat? Find all the instructions you need here to get up and running.

Why is my thermostat display sideways?

Is your thermostat screen displaying in the wrong direction? We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Click here for support to get this issue solved.

Why wont my thermostat hold information?

Are you finding that your thermostat is not holding your changed settings? Try this quick fix for getting your thermostat settings saved.

Do I need to use the WiFi on my smart thermostat?

Are you wondering if an internet connection is necessary for the 4iE-04 to work? Learn more here about whether or not it is necessary to connect to WiFi.

Why is my thermostat stuck on the Warmup screen?

Is your thermostat stuck on the Warmup screen? To advance you’ll want to confirm a few details found in this useful post.

How is the 4iE wired?

We hope that the below clip will assist in wiring your 4iE thermostat. For wiring diagrams please see the product literature. Related questions:

Can I mount my thermostat anywhere?

If you have quesitons about where to mount your warmup thermostat you can find answers to that question and more here.

How do I enter a space in my WiFi Password on the 4iE?

If you are attempting to connect your 4iE to WiFi and your password has a space you may be wondering how to enter it. For a quick answer, click here.

What are heating limits?

Heating limits are commonly referred to when it comes to underfloor heating. If you are wondering what heating limits are and how to manage them.

Why is my thermostat screen going dark?

Is your 4iE screen going dark? Learn more here about the settings on the 4iE and how they can be easily changed to your preference.

How to: Initial 4iE Programming

In this 4iE programming guide, you will find several useful videos and written instructions. Initial programming is important to get the most from your 4iE.

How do I update the weather on my thermostat?

If your 4iE smart WiFi thermostat is showing an incorrect weather forecast the best thing to do is to confirm the location settings on your My.Warmup account. Sign in here Select “Profile” at the top of the home page Scroll to “My Locations” Do you have more than 1 location listed? Setting up more than […]

How do I get into my thermostat if I forgot the password?

The 4iE thermostat has a lock feature. If you have locked your thermostat and can not get back in, this post will help you!

How to Unregister your 4iE Thermostat

Moving or expecting new renters? Learn how to unregister your 4iE thermostat so that the new owners or renters can utilize the units WiFi capabilities.

How to Edit Currency Type on your 4iE thermostat

Is your energy monitoring feedback in the wrong currency? Learn how to easily edit the currency type on your 4iE thermostat.

How to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit (or vice versa) on your 4iE thermostat

Is your thermostat reading in Celcius when you want it in Fahrenheit or the other way around? Follow these easy steps for switching the temperature format.

How to Edit Energy Cost on your 4iE thermostat

Do you need to edit something about your energy monitoring feedback on the 4iE? Learn how to easily edit these settings here.

ER1 on the Thermostat Meaning

The ER1 message will also occur if no floor sensor is connected to the thermostat. Have your electrician make sure that the sensor probe wires are securely connected in ports 1 and 2 of the thermostat. If sensor was not installed, your thermostat can be programmed to read the air temperature instead by following the steps below.

Mounting a 3iE/4iE thermostat in Canada

In order to properly mount your 4iE thermostat, you will need a back-box as well as a mud-ring. Warmup can recommend compatible items.

Control of Baseboard Heaters by the 4iE

This page explains how to wire and program the 4iE thermostat to work with baseboard applications.

Should I perform a Reset or Power Cycle my 4iE?

First, loosen the screws at the bottom of your unit at shown in the video clip below. Then remove the face of your thermostat by lifting up and off. On the back of the face is a small reset button. Using a small screw driver or writing utensil, press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds. Then place the face of the unit back on making sure the 8 gold pins line up correctly with their counterparts.

How Do I Set the 4iE to Program Itself?

The 4iE® Smart WiFi thermostat, and non-WiFi version, learn the heat-up and cool down rates of your home to automatically set the most efficient temperatures when you’re away, reducing usage by up to 25%.

4iE Features Only Available through the MyWarmup Portal

Some features are currently only available through the MyWarmup portal. Click “Read more” to see which ones.

Why is my 4iE Showing an ‘!’ on the Screen?

Ensure you have created your account and registered the thermostat using the Device Number. Click “Read More” for details. 

What Type of WiFi Does the 4iE Use?

Click “Read More” for details.

Does Warmup Underfloor Heating Comply with Title 24?

The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards are designed to ensure new and existing buildings achieve energy efficiency and preserve outdoor and indoor environmental quality. We have included below useful information regarding underfloor heating and Title 24. To ensure compliance, please consult with a building professional.

Can my thermostat connect to Alexa?

To connect, please make sure you have downloaded the Alexa App and that your Amazon device is fully registered and connected to the Wi-Fi. In addition, you will need to make sure that your account has been set up and your 4iE is connected. Once connected, open the app and go to the Skills in the menu. Find the skill Warmup 4iE and select Enable. 

How do I turn off the Backlight on my 4iE Thermostat?

Follow these steps to turn off the backlight feature: Menu > Settings > Display/Audio > Display Brightness > Standby set to ‘0’ > Accept

What is System Power on my 4iE and how can I edit it?

System Power is requested during the initial setup of your device. System power is simply the wattage of the heating system that you connect to your thermostat. To set your systems power select the following: menu > energy monitor > power settings > select the wattage using the up and down arrows > accept.

How do I Set a Custom Program on my 4iE?

Then you will select the days of the week you would like to program to apply for, press ‘accept’ and then add periods of times you would like the system to be on and heating. The following menu will allow you to set times and temperatures. Lock in your program by pressing accept twice.

Where Do I Find my 4iE’s Device Number?

First, the device number shows up during the initial startup menu and recommends the number be written down. Secondly, it can always be accessed afterwards on the device itself.

How Do I Enable to SmartGeo Feature on the MyHeating App?

The Warmup SmartGeo is a way to allow your thermostat to combine the location settings on your device, occupancy sensing features and a few algorithms to create the most comfortable heat as efficiently as possible.

How to Set Up a Program using the MyHeating App?

Once your profile and 4iE are registered, you can now set up or edit a program through the MyHeating App. Note: You can set multiple different programs for different days. Refer the the video below for further guidance.

How Do You Add a Room using the MyHeating App?

There are two ways to add a Room to your account, which will serve as a way to register your 4iE thermostat to your profile.

The first way is through the profile and the second way is directly through the MyHeating App.

Does the 4iE have a Battery Backup?

There is no battery backup or capacitor in the 4iE, however, there is internal memory. Periodically the programming and date/time are stamped to a section of internal memory. This is then overwritten when the next stamp takes place. When the power is resumed following a power outage, the device will revert to the most recent stamp taken.

When Should I Select Air vs. Floor when Programming my 4iE Thermostat?

You can opt into using the air probe instead of the floor probe if you are more concerned about trying to achieve a specific air temperature, usually for primary heat.

What are the Conduit Requirements when Installing a Warmup System?

In this guide, we will cover various aspects of the installation process, focusing on key recommendations and requirements that will help you make informed decisions and execute the installation with confidence. We will address topics such as conduit usage, local electrical code compliance, routing of cables, and essential considerations to ensure a safe and effective installation.

Why won’t my background picture upload on my 4iE?

This post explains the size requirements of the image file you are trying to upload as a 4iE background.

Can baseboard heaters be controlled by the 4iE?

This page explains how to wire and program the 4iE thermostat to work with baseboard applications.

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