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The SNOPRO-100 Series are snow/ice melt all-in-one control units, exceptionally capable deicing controllers. Applications include pavements and sidewalks, loading docks, roofs, gutters, and downspout snow/ice melting in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. The SNOPRO-100 WiFi is compatible with the Warmup WSM Snowmelting App. The controls are available in a single phase or three phases. In addition, the control is supplied by 120V and has  load voltages of 208V-600V.


Does the SNOPRO-100 require a high-limit sensor?

Yes, both versions of the SNOPRO-100 require the high-limit sensors to be wired (terminals 10 & 11), either by the high-limit sensor that is included in both SNOPRO-100 or by putting in a 470k resistor as outlined on page 11 of our manual.

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