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DCM-PRO Fleece-Back Membrane

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The TCNA-tested DCM-PRO Fleece-Back Membrane can be installed directly onto clean plywood and concrete subfloors with thinset. The patented DCM-PRO design allows for more adhesive to cable contact ultimately distributing heat faster and more evenly. There is no waiting required after installation so you can begin laying the flooring immediately. The DCM-PRO Membrane is ready to tile.


What system works best with tile flooring?

Are you looking for the best underfloor heating system to install under tile? Read more about our top recommendation here.

Does having a membrane change the cure time?

The DCM-PRO system is embedded in materials that require curing time. If you are wondering if the membrane changes those curing times read more here.

What does the DCM-PRO Warranty Cover?

We stand behind our products. Learn more about how we’ll be there if something happens with your system down the road.

Will the membrane keep it’s decoupling capability over time?

If you are considering the DCM-PRO system or if you already have it in your home you may be wondering how long it will keep its uncoupling capabilities. Learn more here.

What type of thin set can be used with the DCM-PRO system?

If you are installing the DCM-PRO system and need to know more about what type of thin set to use, you can learn more here.

Should I use primer?

If you are installing DCM-PRO membrane you may be wondering if you should use a primer. Read more here about the use of a primer with both types of DCM-PRO membrane.

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