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Designed to keep pipes and gutters free of snow, our self-regulating outdoor heaters give you peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected from the potential damage caused by ice build-up and frost.

What is the maximum self regulating wattage on a PVC pipe?

8W/LF self regulating heating cable(s) CAN be used on PVC pipes. Generally, the maximum self regulating wattage temperature for PVC items is 95C (200F) the heaters in our range will not get anywhere near that in normal operation.

Do I need two downspout hanger kits if creating loop in downspout?

Yes, two downspout hanger kits should be used to protect the heating cable from damage caused by sharp gutter edges and to provide strain relief for both on the way down and back up the gutter. Click “Read More” for details.

What do I do if I have too much or too little NAMSR cable during installation?

consider tightening the triangles, whilst maintaining the proper height based on the overhang or use t-splices and end kits for downspouts so you do not have to use extra cable coming back up

Warmup Heating Cable Installed on a Roof – Layout Example

Here is an example of how Warmup Heating Cable could be installed on a roof.

Running Warmup De-Icing Heating Cable in a Downspout

This short video shows how to run Warmup De-Icing Heating Cable in a Downspout.

How To Secure Roof Clips by Warmup

This short video by Warmup shows how to secure roof clips.

Heat Tracing Cable Installation Video

Click here to view a Product Review and Installation Video of Warmup anti-freezing pipe system by A Concord Carpenter.

Determining How Much Self-Regulating Cable You Will Need

Need help determining how much self-regulating cable you will need for the best snow and ice removal performance for your roof and gutters?  Click “Read More” for helpful advice.

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