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DCM-PRO Waterproofing Kit

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Warmup’s 3-ply waterproof membrane protects floors and walls under thin-set tile installations from substrate cracks and moisture migration. It is comprised of 2 outer polypropylene layers and one inner polyethylene waterproofing membrane. In addition, the waterproofing kit also exceeds testing requirements per ASTM 118.10. The kit includes a 35ft roll of 5”-wide membrane, along with 2 outer corners and 6 inside corners.

Does the waterproofing kit go above or below the membrane?

Wondering if the Warmup Waterproofing Kit is applied above or below the DCM-PRO membrane? This post will tell you and link you to full instructions.

Do I need more than one waterproofing kit?

Wondering what is inside the Warmup Waterproofing Kit and how far it will get you? Do you need more than one? This post will give you an idea of both.

How is the Warmup Waterproofing Kit installed?

Are you looking for the Warmup Waterproofing Kit installation instructions? You can find them here in this post.

Do I need a waterproofing kit?

Wondering if you need a waterproofing kit for your project? This post will tell you our recommendation.

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