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DCM-PRO Peel-And-Stick Membrane

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The TCNA-tested DCM-PRO Peel-and-Stick Membrane can be installed directly onto clean plywood and concrete subfloors without thinset. The patented DCM-PRO design allows for more adhesive to cable contact ultimately distributing heat faster and more evenly. There is no waiting required after installation so you can begin laying the flooring immediately. The DCM-PRO Membrane is ready to tile.

What type of wood subfloor is required for Warmup’s Peel-and-Stick products?

There is no subfloor requirement specifically for Warmup’s Peel-and-Stick; it can even be installed over Epoxy. However, the subfloor is required to be: Level Smooth Clean Warmup recommends the smoothest plywood possible, such as sanded plywood, with a primer* for the best results. If your subfloor is OSB (aka chipped board), it is required to […]

Does the membrane adhere well to Warmup insulation boards?

Installing DCM-PRO peel-and-stick over Warmup insulation boards? Find our recommendation here.

How thick is DCM-PRO?

If you are planning a floor heating project with the DCM-PRO system you may be curious about product thickness. Ge tthe quick answers you need here.

Is there a video guide for installing the DCM-PRO system?

Are you getting ready to install the DCM-PRO system? Check out this video for helpful tips and tricks for getting the job done right.

What is an uncoupling system?

Uncoupling systems are becoming increasingly popular. Learn more here about what an uncoupling system is here so that you can see if it’s suitable for you.

How much self leveler goes over the membrane?

Depending on your flooring type you may need to self-level over the DCM-PRO membrane. Read more here about when and how to properly self-level.

Is it possible to put less leveler over the membrane?

If you are using self-leveler over the membrane there are minimum pour requirements. Learn more about these requirements here.

Can the cable be spaced at 2 pegs?

Each row in the membrane is referred to as a peg. Learn more here about minimum cable spacing to ensure a proper install of your DCM-PRO system.

Should we roll the membrane?

Click here if you are wondering about what to do after the membrane is applied to the subfloor. Warmup tips may save you some time!

Does self-leveling grip on the membrane?

Are you curious if self-leveling is going to grip to the membrane you are installing? Learn more here.

Will the peel-and-stick glue ever dry?

Wondering if the glue on the back of your DCM-PRO membrane will ever dry? Learn more here about what happens to the glue over time.

Which thin set is recommended in Québec?

If you are shopping in Québec we have a few recommended brands of thin set that we know you will be able to find locally.

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