WSM-63 Relay Timer Panel

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How do I perform a factory reset on the WSM ?

You may find that you need to do a factory reset to your WSM. If this is the case, read along here to find out how.

How do I wire my WSM-63 to my DS2 controller?

The 120V coil of the WSM-63 is powered between the one leg of 240VAc and a neutral they. Do NOT run both hots to the WSM-63. Please refer to the installation manuals for further information.

What are the Three Setting Dials around the Large Timer on the WSM-63?

Change the Settings on Your WSM-63 Controller The three dials around the large timer dial on the WSM-63 allow you to change the settings of the controller. A → Yellow LED: Power ON (U) B → Red LED: Timing in progress (C) C → Unit of time selected D → Time scale selector E → […]

How do I wire my WSM-63 to my ETO2 controller?

Start Wiring your Thermostat by Pulling Power from Terminals 2 and 5 Wiring the WSM-63 and ETO2 together is a great way to be able to control the WSM-63 timer panel with a pavement sensor.   Pull the power from Terminals 2 and 5 and input into the L and N on the ETO2 controller. […]

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