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The 6iE is the world’s first smart phone screen quality thermostat. Controlled from a smartphone, tablet or computer, the 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat is capable of controlling your heating based off of your proximity to home and local forecast to save you time and money. Download MyHeating app on the app store or connect to the web portal my.warmup.com. Comes with a 12-Year warranty.

Are Warmup thermostats compatible with Matter?

Matter, previously known as Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP), is not compatible with Warmup thermostats at this time.

How many relays can a single thermostat control?

If you are planning for a large project, Warmup recommends limiting the number of relays controlled by a single thermostats to 5.

What is the maximum load of the 6iE?

Wondering about the maximum load of the Warmup 6iE thermostat? Find the information you are looking for here in this post.

What kind of heating is the 6iE compatible with?

Curious about what types of heating systems the 6iE thermostat is compatible with? Find your answer here in this post!

How big is the 6iE?

Are you looking for the dimensions of the 6iE? Find a detailed diagram with all the dimensions you are looking for here in this post.

Can I upgrade to the 6iE?

Do you have an old Warmup thermostat that you’d like to upgrade to the 6iE? Learn all you need to know in this post.

Can I have a 4iE and 6iE on my MyHeating account?

Do you have multiple smart thermostats from Warmup in your home? They can all be controlled by a single app – the MyHeating app.

Why wont my 6iE connect to internet?

Are you experiencing issues connecting your 6iE to WiFi? Find some useful tips for resolving this issue here in this post.

Can the MyHeating app have multiple users?

It’s possible to ‘share’ a location with another user. This is done through the web portal in the ‘edit location’ section. Here, the user can add more users to their location. Invitation access is sent via email for new users to set up their own account. Watch step-by-step: (If you prefer, you can continue scrolling …

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Does Warmup work with other thermostats?

Are you searching for a thermostat to use with your underfloor heating system? Learn more about compatibility here!

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