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6iE Smart Thermostat

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The 6iE is the world’s first smart phone screen quality thermostat. Controlled from a smartphone, tablet or computer, the 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat is capable of controlling your heating based off of your proximity to home and local forecast to save you time and money. Download MyHeating app on the app store or connect to the web portal Comes with a 12-Year warranty.


How does the open window function on my Smart Thermostat work?

The open window function is a setting on your thermostat that will detect when a nearby window is open, letting in outside air and will adjust the temperature accordingly.   TRIGGER ON: A Windows open event is triggered by a 5°C drop in temperature within any 15-minute period. When a Windows open event is detected, […]

How to check my daily usage through the MyHeating app?

In this guide, we will take you on a journey to explore the powerful Daily Usage feature of the app, specifically designed for your Warmup 6iE/4iE thermostat. By following these instructions, you will unlock the ability to monitor and compare energy usage across different rooms in your home, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your heating system for maximum efficiency. Usage is calculated based off of heater information supplied during initial programming.

How to perform a manual override using the MyHeating app?

We will guide you through the step-by-step process of accessing the manual override function through the MyHeating app. You’ll learn how to make real-time changes to the temperature, switch between heating modes, and even create temporary overrides to match your specific requirements. With this knowledge, you’ll have the flexibility to adapt your heating system to your lifestyle and preferences effortlessly.

How do I change the language using the MyHeating app?

There are two ways to change the language using your MyHeating app.

How do I set the time and date on my thermostat?

Setting the time and date on your thermostat is a crucial step in ensuring the proper functioning of its programming features. Accurate time and date settings allow your thermostat to regulate temperature and energy usage efficiently. Whether you own a 6iE, 4iE, or Terra thermostat, this post will guide you through the necessary steps to set the time and date correctly.

How do I turn WiFi off on my 6iE Smart Thermostat?

The 6iE is only available in Smart WiFi. If you prefer to use your 6iE without WiFi, the video/instructions below will show you how to turn it off. 

How do I set the time and date on the 6iE?

Setting the time and date on your 6iE is important for proper program function. Follow along with the below video or instructions to set yours.

How do I set into Manual Mode on the 6iE Smart Thermostat?

Setting into “Manual” mode allows you to set a fixed target temperature for the thermostat to achieve. The thermostat will continue to maintain this temperature until another operating mode or temperature is selected.

What is Manual Mode?

Setting into manual mode allows you to set a fixed target temperature for the thermostat to achieve. The thermostat will continue to maintain this temperature until another operating mode or temperature has been selected.

How do I upload a background to my thermostat using the MyHeating app?

Uploading a background using the MyHeating app is an effortless process. If you’d like to learn how to do so, follow the simple steps down below.

What are the dimensions of the 6iE custom background image?

The 6iE custom background screen dimensions are 3 1/2 inches diagonally. However, image scaling is not required thanks to auto-scaling when you upload your custom background.

What is the lock icon on my 6iE Smart Thermostat?

The lock icon on the 6iE Smart Thermostat represents that the thermostat has gone into standby mode. It will show at the bottom center of your thermostat.

What does the triangle with an exclamation mark (!) on my 6iE mean?

If the 6iE displays a triangle with an exclamation mark (see below) a limit temperature has been set and it has been achieved. 

What is the Control Period mean on my Warmup 6iE?

The “Control Period” checks the difference in the current measured temperature and the set temperature in a proportional-integral algorithm to maintain a steady temperature.

Are Warmup thermostats compatible with Matter?

Matter, previously known as Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP), is not compatible with Warmup thermostats at this time.

How many relays can a single thermostat control?

If you are planning for a large project, Warmup recommends limiting the number of relays controlled by a single thermostats to 5.

What is the maximum load of the 6iE?

Wondering about the maximum load of the Warmup 6iE thermostat? Find the information you are looking for here in this post.

What kind of heating is the 6iE compatible with?

Curious about what types of heating systems the 6iE thermostat is compatible with? Find your answer here in this post!

How big is the 6iE?

Are you looking for the dimensions of the 6iE? Find a detailed diagram with all the dimensions you are looking for here in this post.

Can I upgrade to the 6iE?

Do you have an old Warmup thermostat that you’d like to upgrade to the 6iE? Learn all you need to know in this post.

Can I add a 4iE and a 6iE on my MyHeating account?

Yes! All smart thermostats by Warmup are compatible with the MyHeating app for easy control of your underfloor and electric baseboard heating.

Why wont my 6iE connect to internet?

Are you experiencing issues connecting your 6iE to WiFi? Find some useful tips for resolving this issue here in this post.

Can the MyHeating app have multiple users?

It’s possible to ‘share’ a location with another user. This is done through the web portal in the ‘edit location’ section. Here, the user can add more users to their location. Invitation access is sent via email for new users to set up their own account. Watch step-by-step: (If you prefer, you can continue scrolling […]

Does Warmup work with other thermostats?

Are you searching for a thermostat to use with your underfloor heating system? Learn more about compatibility here!

How many heating systems can be connected to one thermostat?

This is dependent upon the amperage of the units that you are trying to install. Each thermostat can carry a load of 15 amps.

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