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4iE Smart Thermostat

The 4iE is a Smart heating thermostat that works with your smartphone to give you optimal, cost-effective and energy-efficient heating. For use with electric underfloor heating systems, the 4iE does not require programming and uses Warmup’s latest technologies to ensure your home is always at the desired temperature, at the right time, for you. It is compatible with baseboards, wall heaters and fan-forced air. Two options are offered, with and without WiFi.

The 4iE® thermostat, with or without WiFi, learns how you use your heating and the unique way your house performs. It automatically suggests ways for you to save energy, e.g. what temperature you should set for when you are not at home and even when to turn the heating off early before you leave.

The smart ways the 4iE® finds to heat your home more efficiently could save you up to 25% on your energy usage.


The 4iE® Smart WiFi thermostat, and non-WiFi version, learn the heat-up and cool down rates of your home to automatically set the most efficient temperatures when you’re away, reducing usage by up to 25%. Save on your energy bills and view usage and cost graphs online and on your smartphone* (*WiFi version only).

Natural Language Programming™* (*WiFi version only)

Programming that speaks your language. If you don’t want to use SmartGeo™ (*WiFi only) or just want to make a quick adjustment, Natural Language Programming™ (*WiFi version only) is simple to use. It uses familiar terms and phrases to understand the requirements for your heating program, for example “What time do you wake up ?”

SmartGeo™*  (*WiFi version only)

The 4iE® can control your heating automatically and reduces your heating usage by up to 25%.

It works by using the location services built into smartphones, as well as learning your routines and the most efficient settings for your home. So your heating is always at the right temperature, effortlessly. Your home is automatically warm as you arrive, and running efficiently when you’re away. Just like magic.

Control From Anywhere*  (*WiFi version only)

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to control your heating online. Connect to the web portal on My.Heating.com or download the FREE app on the App Stores: MyHeating by Warmup.

The 4iE® gives you more control – it allows you to evaluate your energy usage and optimize your heating using tips.

A Thermostat Designed For You

The 4iE® is offered in White & Black. It is designed to look great in both modern and traditionally styled homes, with glass effect front faces and beveled chrome edges to reflect wall colors.

The large color touchscreen can be customized with different themes and up-loadable photo backgrounds* to complement your wallpaper. There’s even a 7-day local weather forecast built in*. (*WiFi version only)

Built with Trade Professionals in Mind


Easy to Install and Quick to Set Up

The 4iE® can be installed like a traditional underfloor heating thermostat or 3-wire thermostat for central heating. The WiFi is simple to set up, intuitive just like a smartphone.

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Professional Features

a. Self-guiding screw terminals prevent driver skipping.

b. Two piece design and wireless software updates to reduce call-backs.

c. WiFi can be set up by the homeowner, no troubleshooting required.

120V-240V Dual Voltage w/ built-in Class A GFCI
Compatible with electric and hydronic underfloor heating systems up to 15A
For lower voltage, or volt-free systems, a contactor must be used
Dimensions (H/W/D): 90 x 110 x 18mm
Sensors Air and floor/ambient (can be extended)
Mounting Deep 4-inch square box. Compatible with 3iE mounting.
IP rating IP30
Guarantee 3-Years

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