What type of wood subfloor is required for Warmup’s Peel-and-Stick products?

There is no subfloor requirement specifically for Warmup’s Peel-and-Stick, however, the subfloor is required to be: Level Smooth Clean Warmup recommends the smoothest plywood possible, such as sanded plywood, with a primer* for the best results. If your subfloor is OSB (aka chipped board), it is required to use a primer*. Here are three (3) …

What type of wood subfloor is required for Warmup’s Peel-and-Stick products? Read More »

What kind of floors can I put on top of electric radiant heat?

Today’s flooring choices are endless, but when choosing a floor covering to go over your Warmup heated floor, review the R-value and pick flooring that has an R-value of one (1) or less. R-values higher than one (1) would be considered an insulator that would trap heat in the floor and cause overheating (e.g., certain …

What kind of floors can I put on top of electric radiant heat? Read More »

What is a Dual Cable Tester and how do I use it?

The Dual Cable Tester monitors up to two cables concurrently and monitors the integrity of both the core to core and core to ground resistance. Throughout the installation, this device will provide a precise resistance reading(s) and flash/sound an alarm if the circuit(s) is interrupted.

What is a Warmup Watchdog and how is it used?

Warmup’s Watchdog is simply a continuity tester. When installed correctly to a heating cable and turned on, the Watchdog will continually look for a path for electricity to travel. If there is no path for electricity to travel, the Watchdog will sound an alarm indicating there is a break in the circuit.

Should I insulate underneath my snow-melting system?

Adding insulation both under a slab and near its exposed edges reduces heat loss into the ground and allows the slab to heat more quickly, which lowers total operating costs.

How do I wire the TRF115-005 with 240Vac Heating cable(s)?

Find useful TF115-005 Controller wiring information here for pipes, ducts, and sprinklers to prevent the destructive effects of burst pipes.

Can radiant heating be installed on a pool deck?

Are you wondering if you can install radiant heating around your pool? Unfortunately, this is not permitted by code. Read more here.

Can sheet vinyl be used on top electric under floor heat?

Sheet vinyl is a great solution over an underfloor heating system as long as the vinyl does not have insulating properties greater than R1.5.

Can Warmup’s Foil be installed on stairs?

Warmup’s Foil heating system can not be installed on stairs or on walls. Warmup’s Foil is suitable under carpet, engineered wood, or laminate.

What is the maximum thickness of tile over electric underfloor heating?

There is no limitation for covering an underfloor heating system, however, the thicker the materials and floor covering, the longer your system will take to heat.

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