Can the dual cable tester be used to measure the resistance of the floor sensor?

The dual cable tester (DCT) cannot be used to measure the resistance of the floor sensor because it is not scaled to measure that high. The result will be O.L. 

What does the triangle with an exclamation mark (!) on my 6iE mean?

If the 6iE displays a triangle with an exclamation mark (see below) a limit temperature has been set and it has been achieved. 

What is a Dual Cable Tester and how do I use it?

The Dual Cable Tester monitors up to two cables concurrently and monitors the integrity of both the core to core and core to ground resistance. Throughout the installation, this device will provide a precise resistance reading(s) and flash/sound an alarm if the circuit(s) is interrupted.

What is the Control Period mean on my Warmup 6iE?

The “Control Period” checks the difference in the current measured temperature and the set temperature in a proportional-integral algorithm to maintain a steady temperature.

How do I reset the WiFi relay on a WSM snow melting controller?

Do you need to reset the WiFi on your Warmup snow melting controller? This post will take you step by step.

What if my thermostat screen is black and won’t turn on?

If your thermostat has no display and will not turn on when power button is pushed, the thermostat could be wired incorrectly. Click here for more details.

Check the Resistance Readings of your Electric Floor Heating System

If you purchased a Digital Multimeter from Warmup you will have 2 connectors as shown below. Please make sure that the contacts that will be plugged into the multimeter are properly exposed as illustrated below. It is possible that you may have to remove some of the sheathing from the connector ends to expose them enough to make the needed contact with the multimeter in order to receive accurate readings.

What if my thermostat says system is on however the floor is not heating up?

If you installed your thermostat over 3 years ago and it seems to be functioning the same, however your floor is no longer heating up, call your electrician. Click “Read More” for details. 

Ground Fault Error: What does this Mean if my Thermostat has “Ground Fault Error” on the Display?

This message will occur if a ground fault is detected. Click “Read More” for details.

Why Won’t My 4iE Connect to the Internet?

Check you are using a WPA2 password format (less than 10 characters) on your network. Click “Read More” for details.

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