Heated Island

The Fisher Residence Heated Island – Holland, MI

◩ Project Type


◩ Project location

Holland, MI

◩ System specifications

Heating Mat (NADWM)


*Installation not UL-approved

◩ Client

Marti and Guy Fisher recently took on a partial kitchen remodel at their home in Holland, Michigan. With the help of the team at Duca Granite and Tile, they were able to upgrade their space without a full demolition – the best of both worlds!

◩ Heating system

Warmup indoor heating cables connected to 4iE-04 thermostat

◩ Project size

Full Quartz Countertop

The Challenge

The Fisher family wanted to add value and comfort to their home by upgrading their kitchen space without a full kitchen remodel. As frequent party hosts, they were looking for something that would enhance the space for all of their visitors. The couple was pleasantly surprised to find out that they could add both comfort and style to their space with a unique idea suggested to them by the team at Duca Granite and Tile: a heated island!

The Solution

Marti and Guy Fisher decided on upgrading their space with a heated quartz countertop. The couple loved the idea of adding a new surface that would drastically transform the look of their space and found the idea of adding heat to the surface brilliant. To successfully install the Warmup heating cables into the quartz, the team at Duca Granite and Tile cut grooves into the bottom of the quartz and then placed the cables into the grooves. Once the cable was placed, the team skim coated over the cables with thin-set and let the product cure.

The Result

Once the thin-set had cured, minimal sanding was done before the installation. The beautiful heated quartz countertop in the Fisher’s kitchen is connected to a 4iE® Smart WiFi thermostat that allows custom programming as well as SmartGeo™ capability for ultimate convenience. During parties the couple loves to use the island as a serving station where food stays warm. The final results have Marti and Guy saying, “We are very happy with the new countertops. The heating system is awesome.”

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