Is there a video guide for installing the DCM-PRO system?

Are you getting ready to install the DCM-PRO system? Check out this video for helpful tips and tricks for getting the job done right.

Is there a video guide for installing the Electric Floor Heating Mat?

Are you getting ready to install an electric floor heating mat? Check out this video for helpful tips and tricks for getting the job done right.

Can I Install a Warmup System Under Carpet Tiles?

The Warmup DCM-PRO or StickyMat system may be used under carpet tiles as long as it is embedded in latex based modified polymer self-leveling compound prior to the installation of the carpet tiles. 

How-to: Programming Your Tempo Thermostat

Programming your Warmup Tempo thermostat.

What is System Power on my 4iE and how can I edit it?

System Power is requested during the initial setup of your device. System power is simply the wattage of the heating system that you connect to your thermostat. To set your systems power select the following: menu > energy monitor > power settings > select the wattage using the up and down arrows > accept.

How do I Set a Custom Program on my 4iE?

Then you will select the days of the week you would like to program to apply for, press ‘accept’ and then add periods of times you would like the system to be on and heating. The following menu will allow you to set times and temperatures. Lock in your program by pressing accept twice.

Where Do I Find my 4iE’s Device Number?

First, the device number shows up during the initial startup menu and recommends the number be written down. Secondly, it can always be accessed afterwards on the device itself.

How Do I Enable to SmartGeo Feature on the MyHeating App?

The Warmup SmartGeo is a way to allow your thermostat to combine the location settings on your device, occupancy sensing features and a few algorithms to create the most comfortable heat as efficiently as possible.

How to Set Up a Program using the MyHeating App?

Once your profile and 4iE are registered, you can now set up or edit a program through the MyHeating App. Note: You can set multiple different programs for different days. Refer the the video below for further guidance.

How Do You Add a Room using the MyHeating App?

There are two ways to add a Room to your account, which will serve as a way to register your 4iE thermostat to your profile.

The first way is through the profile and the second way is directly through the MyHeating App.