Miscellaneous questions

Why does my thermostat set into open window function and decreases my set temperature?

Welcome to our informative post on learning more about the open window function on your Warmup Smart Thermostat. Follow along down below to read more about this function.

Can my thermostat connect to Google Home?

Yes, your thermostat can connect to your Google Home. Read the instructions down below to find out how!

What kind of floors can I put on top of electric radiant heat?

Today’s flooring choices are endless, but when choosing a floor covering to go over your Warmup heated floor, review the R-value and pick flooring that has an R-value of one (1) or less. R-values higher than one (1) would be considered an insulator that would trap heat in the floor and cause overheating (e.g., certain …

What kind of floors can I put on top of electric radiant heat? Read More »

What are the dimensions of the 6iE custom background image?

The 6iE custom background screen dimensions are 3 1/2 inches diagonally. However, image scaling is not required thanks to auto-scaling when you upload your custom background.

Should I insulate underneath my snow-melting system?

Adding insulation both under a slab and near its exposed edges reduces heat loss into the ground and allows the slab to heat more quickly, which lowers total operating costs.

How fast will my snow-melting system heat up?

A snow-melting system is most efficient when the slab is preheated. As a rule of thumb, a snow-melting system should start preheating for 1 -2 hours before the arrival of snow/ice.

Are Warmup thermostats compatible with Matter?

Matter, previously known as Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP), is not compatible with Warmup thermostats at this time.

Can radiant heating be installed on a pool deck?

Are you wondering if you can install radiant heating around your pool? Unfortunately, this is not permitted by code. Read more here.

Why is my Floor not Reaching Target Temperature?

If your heating system was installed on a concrete slab or over an unheated space and insulation boards were not used, it is possible that the heat loss into the subfloor will cause your floors to heat up more slowly and possibly not reach the target temperature. Click “Read More” for details.

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