Can I have a 4iE and 6iE on my MyHeating account?

Do you have multiple smart thermostats from Warmup in your home? They can all be controlled by a single app – the MyHeating app.

Why wont my 6iE connect to internet?

Are you experiencing issues connecting your 6iE to WiFi? Find some useful tips for resolving this issue here in this post.

Can the MyHeating app have multiple users?

It’s possible to ‘share’ a location with another user. This is done through the web portal in the ‘edit location’ section. Here, the user can add more users to their location. Invitation access is sent via email for new users to set up their own account. Watch step-by-step: (If you prefer, you can continue scrolling […]

Can the 4iE be connected to Samsung Home?

The 4iE can be connected to Samsung Home via IFTT.

What are the dimensions of the 4iE custom background image?

The 4iE custom background screen is 320 x 240 px. Click to learn more about the custom 4iE background image and it’s scaling.

How to open the main menu

Want to know how to open the main menu the 4iE thermostat? This post will tell you how and link you to other topics that you may find useful.

How to cancel an override

Want to cancel an override that you made on your 4iE thermostat? This post will tell you and show you in a short video clip.

What does cancel heating off mean?

Wondering what the words “cancel heating off” mean on your 4iE home screen? This post will explain its meaning to you to make thermostat usage easier.

How do I program my thermostat to stay on all night?

Following along to the custom programming video with the below tips in mind will allow you to successfully program your thermostat for overnight use.

How do I connect my 4iE to WiFi?

Wondering how to connect your 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat to WiFi? this post includes a video clip showing how and written instructions.