Can I upgrade to the 6iE?

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What is the lead length for mirror defoggers?

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Wiring the DS-9 Controller

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How to wire CDP-2

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Can you wire floor heat for 120 or 240 volt?

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Can I use the 4iE with another type of heating?

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How far away from the thermostat can the relay be mounted?

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Can multiple relays be used?

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What is the snow melting cable rating?

The WSM (Warmup Snow Melting cable) or WSMM (Warmup Snow Melting Mat) is commonly used in concrete pours, asphalt driveways and paved walkways. Learn important cable rating information here.

How is the 4iE wired?

We hope that the below clip will assist in wiring your 4iE thermostat. For wiring diagrams please see the product literature. Related questions: How to: Initial 4iE Programming How Long will my Electric Floor Heating System Take to Heat Up?