How do I wire my WSM-63 to my DS2 controller?

The 120V coil of the WSM-63 is powered between the one leg of 240VAc and a neutral they. Do NOT run both hots to the WSM-63. Please refer to the installation manuals for further information.

What are the Three Setting Dials around the Large Timer on the WSM-63?

Change the Settings on Your WSM-63 Controller The three dials around the large timer dial on the WSM-63 allow you to change the settings of the controller. A → Yellow LED: Power ON (U) B → Red LED: Timing in progress (C) C → Unit of time selected D → Time scale selector E → […]

Does Warmup Underfloor Heating Comply with Title 24?

The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards are designed to ensure new and existing buildings achieve energy efficiency and preserve outdoor and indoor environmental quality. We have included below useful information regarding underfloor heating and Title 24. To ensure compliance, please consult with a building professional.

Can I Install a Warmup System Under Carpet Tiles?

The Warmup DCM-PRO or StickyMat system may be used under carpet tiles as long as it is embedded in latex based modified polymer self-leveling compound prior to the installation of the carpet tiles. 

How do I Mount my ETO2 Controller?

So either the installer puts a DIN rail on the wall or cabinet, or they can utilize the four mounting holes in the corners of the housing and screw it to a surface.

How do I wire my WSM-63 to my ETO2 controller?

Start Wiring your Thermostat by Pulling Power from Terminals 2 and 5 Wiring the WSM-63 and ETO2 together is a great way to be able to control the WSM-63 timer panel with a pavement sensor.   Pull the power from Terminals 2 and 5 and input into the L and N on the ETO2 controller. […]

How do I Mount my Tempo Thermostat?

The thermostat should be installed inside a square 4”x4” back box with a single mud ring mounted horizontally (also called plaster ring).

How Do I Wire my Tempo Thermostat?

Wiring your Tempo thermostat is simple and straightforward. 

Tire Tracks Installation: How Far Do I Space the Mats?

The proper distance to space the mats should be 5 feet on center or 3ft between mats. Please refer to the installation manual for more details regarding your snowmelt installation.

How do I test my system using a Megger (Mega-Ohmmeter)?

The megger is used as a quality control measure to test the insulation resistance to detect any fault in the heater cable jacket. Such leaks cannot be spotted with a regular ohmmeter and help spot any damage to the cable and cable jacket.