What is a setback temperature and how do I set it?

Are you wondering what a setback temperature is on the 4iE smart thermostat? You can learn all about it here and how it is used.

How can I adjust the thermostat temperature temporarily?

A temporary temperature adjustment on the 4iE is called an override. Overriding will allow you to make temperature adjustments without re-programming the entire thermostat. To start an override on your 4iE follow the below video clip.

How do I set the time and date on the 4iE?

Wondering how to set the time and date on your 4iE thermostat? You can learn how to here from a short video or discription.

How can I tell AM from PM on the 4iE?

Wondering how you can tell AM and PM on the 4iE thermostat? Learn how here.

What is a fixed temperature and how to I set or change it?

Are you wondering what a fixed temperature is on your smart thermostat? Learn here about this program and how to change it.

How do I find the MAC address of the thermostat?

Looking for the MAC address of your thermostat? Learn where to find it here.

How do Warmup thermostats work?

Wondering how Warmup thermostats work? Learn all about how they work by reading more here.

How do I register a 4iE?

Looking to register a 4iE thermostat? Find all the instructions you need here to get up and running.

I can’t add a new WSM in the app

Are you having issues connecting your WSM-252W to WiFi? Read here to find a solution.

How do I enter a space in my WiFi Password on the 4iE?

If you are attempting to connect your 4iE to WiFi and your password has a space you may be wondering how to enter it. For a quick answer, click here.