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“Wondering how a Warmup floor heating system can fit into your project?

Have a look at the Warmup Design Guide for layout examples and project pricing!"

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Radiant Floor Heating Applications

A complete solution for:

a 6 x 10 bathroom: $459

a 15 x 15 kitchen: $995

A complete solution for:

a 12 x 20 Sunroom: $1260

a 750 sqft Basement: $3,270

Works under concrete, asphalt and pavers

“50ft Driveway: from $1,900 to $4,340 for a complete solution with heating, sensors and controls.”

More options available for:

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Warmup Your Floor

It is more than a bathroom luxury. It's one you can afford. Warmup offers radiant floor heating solutions for all the rooms in the house. Our floor heating solutions are silent, invisible and maintenance free. Stop heating the ceiling, start heating the floor. Warmup specializes in providing a primary heat source for the cold room in the house. With the exclusive 3IE touch-screen thermostat, Warmup can lower your energy settings by 3 to 5 degrees and save you over 20% on your heating bill.

Key Benefits of Warmup's Radiant Floor Heating

Warmup is committed to offer you:

The most tested and accredited floor heating cable

An unmatched 30-year Warranty

The fastest heating cable on the market

The most efficient and elegant system on the market

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Warmup’s 3IE Touch Screen Thermostat

Warmup Floor Heating - Easy installation

Experience the 3iE Thermostat

Cindy from AkronOhioMoms.com installs Warmup Under Floor Heating with Insulation Boards