Miscellaneous questions

How do I test my system using a Megger (Mega-Ohmmeter)?

The megger is used as a quality control measure to test the insulation resistance to detect any fault in the heater cable jacket. Such leaks cannot be spotted with a regular ohmmeter and help spot any damage to the cable and cable jacket.

Does the 4iE have a Battery Backup?

Periodically the programming and date/time are stamped to a section of internal memory. This is then overwritten when the next stamp takes place. When the power is resumed following a power outage, the device will revert to the most recent stamp taken.

Can the ETOG Sensor Lead be Extended?

Yes, the sensor lead can be extended up to 200 meters using same gauge cable. Total resistance of the sensor cable must not exceed 10 ohms.

Can I Install my Floor Heat over an Existing Sheet of Vinyl Floor?

If using a DCM-PRO membrane, scrape/scratch and prime the vinyl to ensure bonding with a highly modified thinset and install the membrane directly to it.

Why does my CDP-2 Blink when my DS Controller has a Steady Green Light?

The CDP-2 blinks when it is getting minimal power through the DS controller to power it.

What is the DCM-PRO cable made of?

This page describes the composition of the DCM-PRO cable and the different components that make up this heating system.

How do I test my NAMSR self-regulating cables?

This page explains the purpose of testing your self-regulating cables and how to perform these tests.

Programming the Floor Temperature

The “Program Schedule” feature of the 3iE allows you to choose how you want to program your floor temperature settings.  Click “Read  More” for details.

Initial Set up of the 3iE Energy Monitoring Floor Heating Thermostat

Warmup’s 3iE is designed to make the initial programming incredibly easy.  Click “Read More” where we outline how to do it.