Is there a video guide for installing a towel warmer?

If you are installing a Warmup towel warmer you may be interested in seeing an installation video. Click here fora video with tips and tricks.

How far can you space snow melting cables?

If you are installing snow melting cable you may be wondering how far you can space the cable. Read more here about cable spacing.

Is there a video guide for installing the DCM-PRO system?

Are you getting ready to install the DCM-PRO system? Check out this video for helpful tips and tricks for getting the job done right.

What system works best with tile flooring?

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What system works best with laminate flooring?

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How do I test my heating cable(s)?

Warmup recommends testing your underfloor heating cables before, during, and after installation. Follow along with this post for support.

What is the difference between a Watch Dog and an Alligator?

It is important to test underfloor heating cables before, during, and after installation with the proper equipment. Read on here for our recommendations.

What is the diameter of the DCM-PRO cable?

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How much self leveler goes over the membrane?

Depending on your flooring type you may need to self-level over the DCM-PRO membrane. Read more here about when and how to properly self-level.

Is it possible to put less leveler over the membrane?

If you are using self-leveler over the membrane there are minimum pour requirements. Learn more about these requirements here.