Can you install over tile?

Wondering if you can install floor heat over existing tile? Learn the answer to that question in this post.

Can carpet pad be glued down?

If you are installing underfloor heating under carpet you may be wondering if you can glue down the carpet pad or not. The answer is yes.

Can you trim the floor sensor?

The floor probe wire can be trimmed. Learn more here.

How do I register a product warranty?

If you are finalizing a Warmup installation it is almost time to register your warranty! Find the link here to the warranty registration page.

Does the membrane adhere well to Warmup insulation boards?

Installing DCM-PRO peel-and-stick over Warmup insulation boards? Find our recommendation here.

Can I install directly onto durock or hardieboard?

If you are starting with a durock or hardieboard you may be wondering what the next recommended steps are. Learn more here!

Does Warmup restrict tile size?

Some companies restrict tile sizes over underfloor heating products but Warmup does not. Learn more here about installation tips for different size tiles.

How is the 4iE wired?

We hope that the below clip will assist in wiring your 4iE thermostat. For wiring diagrams please see the product literature. Related questions: How to: Initial 4iE Programming How Long will my Electric Floor Heating System Take to Heat Up?

What can I do if I do not have enough cable?

Are you short heating cable for your underfloor heating project? We’ll be happy to help get that solved for you. Read more here.

Can I mount my thermostat anywhere?

If you have quesitons about where to mount your warmup thermostat you can find answers to that question and more here.