Installing insulation boards over a Wooden Subfloor

There is a specific way to install the insulation boards over a wooden sub-floor.  Click “Read More” to learn how.

Warmup Insulation Board Installation Video

See just how easy it is to install our floor heating insulation boards. Click here to watch.

Insulation Boards: Preparing for the Installation of Floor Heating

All surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and debris. When installing over an existing concrete base, it is important to remove all traces of existing finishes, contamination, etc. to allow for a clean surface.

Installing insulation boards over a Concrete Subfloor

When installing over cement, screws and washers are not necessary. You will first use a trowel to put down a modified mortar. Then you will stagger the boards and press them together.

Make sure that the floor probe that came with the floor heating thermostat was installed and done so properly.

It is vital that the floor heating thermostat’s floor probe was not only installed but done so the right way.  Click “Read More” for details.

Basic Installation of the In-slab Floor Heating Cable

For thicker pour of up to 6”, elevate the wire mesh on which the cable is tied with bricks, wood blocks or other spacers to float the cable at the desired level. Depending on the construction of the subfloor and in general, in order to improve the efficiency of the system, you may need to apply insulation prior to the pour.

Should I install the WIU with the foil side up or down?

WIU should be installed with the foil side facing DOWN. Click “Read More” for details. 

Installation of WIU over various sub-floor types

Designed specifically to enhance the performance of the Foil Floor Heating Systems.  Click “Read More” for installation.

Can the cold tail lead of your Warmup indoor heating system be extended?

This page explains how to extend your lead wire or connect your heater to a thermostat in a remote location.

Can the lead of your Warmup heating system be trimmed?

This page will give you pointers about trimming your cold lead to fit easier in the conduit and electrical box.