Do you have to wire the floor sensor probe that comes with the 3iE thermostat?

That floor probe is an important part of having your floor heating system function properly.  Click “Read More” for details.

How to wire the 3iE Energy-Monitoring Floor Heating Thermostat

Learn how to wire your 3iE and probe for both 120V and 240V configurations.  Always use a licensed electrican.  Click “Read More” for details.

How To Wire the DS-2 Controller ?

Take a look at the wiring configuration of the DS-2C controller.  Click “Read More” for details.

Wiring the DS-5 Controller

Take a look at the wiring configuration of the DS-5.  Click “Read More” for details.

DS-8 Controller Wiring

Take a look at the wiring configuration of the DS-8.  Click “Read More” for details.

ETOG Wiring

The ETOG snow and ice melting ground sensor must be wired to specific terminals inside the ET02 controller.  Click “Read More” for details.

Additional Wiring of the TRF115-005

Click “Read More” for additional wiring instructions for your roof and gutter snow and ice removal controller.

How to wire the WUDG floor heating thermostat

Uncomplicated wiring instructions at your fingertips.  Always use a licensed electrician.  Click “Read More” for details.

Basic Installation of the In-slab Floor Heating Cable

For thicker pour of up to 6”, elevate the wire mesh on which the cable is tied with bricks, wood blocks or other spacers to float the cable at the desired level. Depending on the construction of the subfloor and in general, in order to improve the efficiency of the system, you may need to apply insulation prior to the pour.

Can baseboard heaters be controlled by the 4iE?

This page explains how to wire and program the 4iE thermostat to work with baseboard applications.