How to Check the Resistance Readings of your Electric Floor Heating System

If you purchased a Digital Multimeter from Warmup you will have 2 connectors. Please make sure that the contacts that will be plugged into the multi-meter are properly exposed.

How do I wire my WSM-63 to my DS2 controller?

The 120V coil of the WSM-63 is powered between the one leg of 240VAc and a neutral they. Do NOT run both hots to the WSM-63. Please refer to the installation manuals for further information.

How do I wire my WSM-63 to my ETO2 controller?

Start Wiring your Thermostat by Pulling Power from Terminals 2 and 5 Wiring the WSM-63 and ETO2 together is a great way to be able to control the WSM-63 timer panel with a pavement sensor.   Pull the power from Terminals 2 and 5 and input into the L and N on the ETO2 controller. […]

How Do I Wire my Tempo Thermostat?

Wiring your Tempo thermostat is simple and straightforward. 

How Long Can You Extend the Lead on the Snowmelt System?

The maximum length Warmup recommends you can extend your snowmelt systems lead is 90′.

Can the ETOG Sensor Lead be Extended?

Yes, the sensor lead can be extended up to 200 meters using same gauge cable. Total resistance of the sensor cable must not exceed 10 ohms.

How Do I Mount a Warmup Towel Warmer?

This post explains how to mount and position your Towel Warmer properly in your space.

Do I need to connect my Towel Warmer to a thermostat?

This page explains the different circumstances in which you might wire your Towel Warmer to a switch or to a thermostat.

How do I know which voltage to run to my DCM-PRO cables?

This page explains how to determine which voltage to run to your DCM-PRO heating system.

Where do I run the cold lead and sensor probe during DCM-PRO installation?

The cold tail lead and the sensor probe should be run in separate conduits. This will prevent any interference from the cold tail lead affecting the temperature readings from the sensor probe.