What do each of the COMMBOX DIP Switches Mean?

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Programming your COMMBOX-600

The COMMBOX-600 is a “Plug and Play” controlled power distribution panel for frost protection, ice and snow melting projects. When receiving a signal from the sensor(s)m the contactors are activated, energizing your heating system. DIP switch settings determine how the zones activate. When programming your system, make sure DIP switch 1 is in the ON position. The program manual can be navigated by using the SELECT (+) to move forward or SELECT (-) to go back through settings.

Is There Enough Power Being Supplied to Operate the System?

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Does the TH115 Floor Heating Thermostat have GFCI Built In?

Ground Fault protection is a must, especially with bathroom and other “wet” installations.  Are you covered?  Click “Read More” for the answer.

TH115 Floor Heating Thermostat Error Message: HI

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TH115 Floor Heating Thermostat Error Message: LO

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3iE Adjusting the time

If for some reason you need to change the time, do the following. Touch check under “wake.” Now the word “menu” will appear above the check. Touch it to begin. Next, touch the dash next to “settings.” Then, touch dash next to “time.” Touch dash next to “set time.” You will now be on the […]

3iE Making Temporary Temperature Adjustments

Your 3IE allows the ability to temporarily change the floor temperature setting for a specific period of time. You will first need to “wake” your thermostat by touching the checkmark on the front screen. Notice that above the up and down arrows you see “override.” Touch either arrow to begin adjusting the target temperature that currently appears.

3iE Basic temperature programming/Setting each day separately

The picture below shows the screen you will see if you are in the “Program Schedule” screen. If you had selected the option of “View/Edit” a program, you would have to start in that particular menu to eventually reach menu now being referenced.