Miscellaneous questions

What are the differences between the old WSM version (before 2020) and the new?

The functionalities are identical, but the second version has a different WiFi chip that offers a better range.

Can I reset my password?

Are you looking to reset your password on the WSM-252W? Read more here.

Why is my thermostat screen going dark?

Is your 4iE screen going dark? Learn more here about the settings on the 4iE and how they can be easily changed to your preference.

Do towel warmers require any maintenance?

If you are investing in a Warmup towel warmer you may be wondering if maintance will be required. Learn more here about this topic.

What is an uncoupling system?

Uncoupling systems are becoming increasingly popular. Learn more here about what an uncoupling system is here so that you can see if it’s suitable for you.

How much does underfloor heating cost to operate?

If you are considering an underfloor heating system you can read more here about running costs.

Are Warmup Insulation Boards Soundproof?

If you are installing the Warmup insulation boards you may be wondering if they are soundproof or not. Click here to learn more about this.

What does the DCM-PRO Warranty Cover?

We stand behind our products. Learn more about how we’ll be there if something happens with your system down the road.

Will the membrane keep it’s decoupling capability over time?

If you are considering the DCM-PRO system or if you already have it in your home you may be wondering how long it will keep its uncoupling capabilities. Learn more here.

Will the peel-and-stick glue ever dry?

Wondering if the glue on the back of your DCM-PRO membrane will ever dry? Learn more here about what happens to the glue over time.