Can’t Fight Fire with Ice

fire hose

Fire Hose Heating

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◩ Project location

Green Bay, WI

◩ System specifications

500′ of SR Heating Cable: SR-5W-2-500

Speedfit Power Connection Box: SR-SFIT-BOX

End Termination Kit: SR-END-KIT

Speedfit Splice Kit: SR-SFIT-SPL


Zip Ties: SR-ZT-100

Controller: TF115-005

◩ Client

Brandenburg is committed to providing a safe work environment for their employees and customers. They were the first demolition contractor to successfully complete the occupational safety and health administration’s (OSHA) challenge program and to be certified as a Star Member in OSHA’s prestigious Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).

◩ Heating system

Self Regulating Cable

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Job site hose

fire hose

The Challenge

Job site safety is an ongoing challenge. With so many moving pieces it requires constant attention and care to ensure that a job site remains safe. Because of this, there are organizations like Brandenburg dedicated to job site safety. At a recent job site, Brandenburg was faced with the obstacle of keeping running water at an outdoor job site in Greenbay, Wisconsin in case of an emergency while employees were welding. With frequent sub-zero temperatures, this seemingly easy task proved to be impossible despite many attempts to keep the job site hose covered or stored.

The Solution

Brandenburg connected with Electric Supply on the issue who quickly recommended a unique possible solution: self-regulating cable. As a Warmup first, the emergency job site fire hose was wrapped in our self-regulating cable, wrapped it in the thin-type pipe black foam pipe jacketing, and then wrapped in 10-mil reinforced poly. Since the cable would vary heat output based on the outdoor temperature, concerns of hose damage were low and hopes were high that a little heat would go a long way.

The Result

It has been reported, in mid-January, that the saga of the frozen hose has officially come to an end. The self-regulating cable application has not only created a safer work environment but it has also kept the job on schedule as the crew avoids delays previously caused by the frozen hose. Warmup outdoor heating products provide safety that you can depend on. Learn about how Walmart uses Warmup here. Learn more about our Commercial Projects Division.

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