The McLain Homes

McLain Homes in Louisiana

The McLain Homes

◩ Project Type


◩ Project location

Lafayette, Louisiana

◩ System specifications
Electric Floor Heating Mat: 120V and 240V, 3ft wide, 1.8mm thick cable, advanced fluoropolymer cable coating.


3iE Energy Monitoring Thermostat: 2.4-inch color screen, 15A, Interactive, Intelligent, Efficient

◩ Client

McLain Homes is a large American corporation specializing in the construction of real estate. Its solid reputation is founded on the construction of luxurious modern homes and neighborhoods. The company has built hundreds of homes since their foundation in 2002 and has influenced the construction of over 400 sites through neighborhood development.

◩ Heating system

Electric Floor Heating Mat

◩ Project size

Whole house

McLain Homes in Louisiana

The Challenge

McLain homes are not standard builds. Each home is designed specifically around the type of lifestyle the resident intends to live, making each property unique and customized to specific needs.

The Solution

Warmup fitted both 120V and 240V heating mats throughout the property in conjunction with Warmup programmable thermostats. The lack of conventional heating systems reflected the modern, luxurious feel McLain wanted to portray throughout the property. The 3iE Energy Monitoring thermostats provided total transparency on consumption and cost to the homeowners. Furthermore, they made a welcomed addition to the walls and overall décor of the new home.

The Result

McLain wanted to build a bespoke, modern and spacious home in the heart of Louisiana. Warmup had the perfect heating solution to accommodate McLain’s objectives. The owners of this home now enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating, with more freedom to design their home as they wish and total transparency on their consumption.

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