Chelsea Piers Fitness & Yoga Studio

Chelsea Piers Fitness & Yoga Studio

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265 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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4iE® Smart WiFi thermostat

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Chelsea Piers Fitness in Brooklyn redefines the traditional gym experience. Their goal is to create an environment that supports physical, mental and creative fitness. They aim to deliver the future of fitness, incorporating state-of-the art training options, studio-quality class experiences and first-rate customer service.

◩ Heating system

Warmup Electric StickyMat

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Yoga Studio and Locker Rooms

Chelsea Piers Fitness & Yoga Studio

The Challenge

Fitness centers compete to attract new members and retain existing ones. One of the variables that decision-makers try to improve is the center’s amenities. Locker rooms, for instance, have become increasingly important in health centers, especially in centers with aquatic programs where humidity control is necessary, to prevent mold growth. Building high-end comfortable locker rooms with features and amenities that allow customers to socialize with other members, relax and linger, aim to support physical, mental and creative fitness. It is also an essential part of any Health Center’s brand image. Customers will probably use the locker room once or twice per workout session and the locker room will give them an impression of the facility. Locker rooms need to look great at all times, even if this requires high-maintenance.

The Solution

Turn your fitness center into a spa! The Warmup® Projects Division worked with the Chelsea Piers design team to find products in our line that would help to accomplish their design goals, in the Yoga Studio as well as in the men and women’s locker rooms. Thanks to Warmup’s unique engineering, the installer was able to run all leads from the locker room to one location, where relays were used in conjunction with Warmup’s 4iE® Smart WiFi Thermostat. This set-up allowed the entire locker room to be controlled with one thermostat unit. Customers will be able to enjoy a warm environment while getting changed in the locker room. Is there anything nicer than getting changed on a warm tile floor, especially during the cold Winter months? Furthermore, the Warmup Electric Floor Heating Solution doesn’t require any maintenance and is 100% hygienic. The Yoga Studio floor was revamped as well, using the Electric Mat heating System, aiming at making the Yogi even more comfortable to work out.

The Result

Warmup StickyMats® were installed throughout both locker rooms and the Yoga Studio, to significantly increase comfort in the space. Heating mats are controlled by the Warmup 4iE® Smart WiFi thermostat, which has been programmed to fit the gym’s 150 class a week schedule. With construction coming to a close, Chelsea Piers Fitness Center is looking forward to welcoming its members onto their warm floors soon.

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