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Do Nest Thermostats Work with Radiant Heating Systems?

Written by Warmup Inc on June 7th, 2023 | Uncategorized

As our cell phones, refrigerators, and washing machines become inundated with “smart” technology, it stands to reason that smart thermostats would be following in close pursuit. One of the most popular smart thermostats is the Google Nest thermostat, but does Nest work with radiant heat?

As more and more homeowners switch to or supplement their heat with energy-efficient radiant floor heating, the question “does Nest work with radiant heat?” gets asked more frequently. 

So, does Nest work with radiant heat? If not, are there other options? All of these questions can seem very daunting, but by learning all of the facts, it can be pretty simple. 

What is Special About a Nest Thermostat?

Traditional thermostats require you to program them manually to reach specific temperatures during certain times of the day. Alternatively, after only a few days, the Nest thermostat learns what temperatures you prefer during precise hours of the day. It begins to program itself automatically, adjusting the heat intuitively throughout the day.

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The Nest thermostat uses local weather forecasts and outside temperatures to preemptively adjust your heat in order to use as little energy as possible to heat your home.

The Nest thermostat also intuitively decreases your home’s temperature while you’re away and turns it back up when you’re on your way home, to help ensure efficient energy use.

Does the Nest thermostat work with electric radiant heat? Unfortunately, the answer to that is an unsatisfying no.

Smart Thermostats and Radiant Heating Systems

Unfortunately, many popular smart thermostats, including the Nest, cannot be used in conjunction with high-voltage applications like electric radiant underfloor heating.

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Most thermostats are connected to your home’s heating system using low-voltage wiring similar to what you would use for doorbells. However, electric radiant floor heating requires thermostats to be wired with standard 120v power, similar to an outlet or a light switch. This amount of electricity can shock you and can be very dangerous.

Because of this difference in wiring, you cannot use the nest thermostat for radiant heat.

A Better Alternative: Warmup 6iE Smart Thermostat

If your home already has or you are considering upgrading to electric radiant floor heating, forget about using Nest thermostat for radiant heat control and switch to the Warmup 6iE Smart WiFi Thermostat.

Unlike the Nest thermostat, the Warmup 6iE Smart Thermostat is precisely engineered to handle the 120v load of an electric radiant underfloor heating system.

Worried that you may miss out on all of the features that the Nest thermostat offers? No need to fret; the Warmup 6iE can do everything that the Nest can, and more.

Utilizing Advanced Early Start functionality and Smart Geo technology, the Warmup 6iE uses local weather forecasts, outside temperatures, and other data to activate your heating system at precisely the right time. Additionally, the Warmup 6iE intelligently turns the heat down while you are away from home, to help keep heating costs low, and back up when you’re on your way home; with Warmup, you never need to come home to a chilly house again.

By combining these cutting-edge features with Warmup’s industry-leading heating mats, you can save up to 25% on your heating bills while enjoying the superior warmth of electric radiant floor heating.


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