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Heated Marble Floors for Comfort and Efficient Home Heating

Written by Warmup Inc on May 2nd, 2022 | Electric Underfloor Heating

Heated marble floors are an excellent way to add comfort and efficiency to your home. They can provide even, consistent heat that can be easily controlled. This makes heated marble floors an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their energy costs while still enjoying a comfortable home.

There are many ways to heat your marble floor, but one of the most popular methods is underfloor electric radiant heating. This type of heating is very efficient, save you money on your energy bills, while providing clean and quiet heat.

What is Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant floor heating warms people and objects, rather than warming the air around it. 

How It Works

Conventional heating methods, such as HVAC or forced air, heat the air and blow it through ductwork in your home. These systems can distribute allergens throughout the house. Forced air heat results in the stratification of the air inside, with cool air at the floor level and the hottest air near the ceiling.

Electric floor heating systems work by heating the floor with electric heating elements that are woven in a serpentine pattern. In-floor electric heating systems are popular for being simple to install (you could even do it yourself if you’re handy) and ideal for remodeling projects. They also reach temperature in as little as 30 minutes, so homeowners may use them on and off as needed to keep costs low.

Can Radiant Floor Heat Be Used Beneath Marble Flooring?

Marble floors are the most energy-efficient and useful flooring to utilize with underfloor heating. Marble has a high thermal conductivity. Simply said, it efficiently passes heat from the heating cable to the floor surface. Marble also retains a significant amount of heat, resulting in greater efficiency. As a result, it delivers significant energy efficiency.

Benefits of a Heated Marble Floor

Marble is a popular choice for flooring because it is durable and beautiful. In the past, marble was used primarily in the bathroom and kitchen, but now it is found in every room in the house. Since it is a natural stone that absorbs and radiates heat well, marble is the perfect choice for radiant floor heat. This means your floor will stay warm for longer periods to keep you comfortable and reduce your energy costs.

Simple to Use

Radiant floor heating is simple to use since it can be regulated with a thermostat. temperature and time settings can also be controlled with smart WiFi thermostats, making them even easier to use. They need very little upkeep and are frequently accompanied by a limited-lifetime warranty.

Saves Money

In order for a traditional radiator to effectively heat up a room, it must be running at 149-167 degrees Fahrenheit. Forced air systems operate at about 99 degrees. Only 84 degrees is required for effective floor heating systems. Since they require less power, electric radiant floor heating systems save you money on your energy bills by 15%.

Frees Up Wall Space

Traditional radiators consume a lot of space and are not particularly attractive. 

Radiant floor heating is placed beneath your flooring, so you’ll have more options for furniture location and more walls to decorate.

Initial and Run Costs of Radiant Floor Heating Beneath Marble

Initial costs of installing an electric underfloor radiant heat system will vary depending on the complexity of the project: is it new construction or a remodel?

The average cost to install marble flooring is $10-$20 per square foot, though the price could go as high as $47 a square foot depending on the type of marble chosen. These numbers do not include the cost of the radiant heating system.

Installing an electric radiant floor heating system will cost between $6 and $20 per square foot, depending on the size of the project and what is required to bring power to the heated area.

Based on national electricity costs, a 1500-square-foot home would draw $90 to $250 a month if the system operated 4 hours a day. The beauty of an underfloor heating system controlled by a smart thermostat is that it will only operate on the days and times you have it programmed for.

For instance, a bathroom may only be heated 2 hours a day, and some rooms in your home may only see occasional use, requiring little electricity over the cold months. And after the system clicks off, the heat continues to radiate for hours.

Work with Warmup for the Best Radiant Heating Options Under Marble Floors

Choosing the best option for an in-floor heating system requires the advice of professionals. Warmup has been supplying homes with radiant floor systems for over 25 years, and we know there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every situation.
We offer systems that can go under carpet, vinyl tile, marble, stone, engineered wood flooring, as well as driveways, patios, walkways and more. We even offer de-icing solutions for your roof and sidewalks. Our technical support line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today to get instant pricing for your project now.


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