The Bakewell Residence – Tucson, AZ

The Bakewell Residence

The Bakewell Residence
Project type
Project location
Tucson, AZ
Ms Bakewell
About the Client
Ms Bakewell was looking to move to the Southwest from the Midwest when she fell in love with an adobe home from the early 1900’s. The bungalow had a lot of land surrounding the property and Ms Bakewell wanted to expand and renovate.
Heating system
Warmup Heating Mat, 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat
System specifications
  • Heated Floor Mat: 240V, 3ft wide, 1.8mm thick cable, advanced fluoropolymer cable coating.
  • 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat: SmartGeo, No maintenance, Natural Language Programming, Control from anywhere, Intelligent, Efficient.

The Challenge 

In the Southwest of the United States, heating is rarely necessary and far from the forefront of a homeowners’ mind. This is why Ms Bakewell needed a hassle free, no maintenance, efficient heating system throughout the home that would work in the background when necessary.

The Solution 

The majority of the flooring in the home was covered with tiles, the ideal floor surface for a heating mat. Warmup zoned the property, distinguishing the main residence from the bathrooms and the guest suite. Considering that “maintenance free” was one of the key criteria for Ms Bakewell, Warmup’s 4iE was installed across the home in each zone. This meant that the house was always running as efficiently as possible, without any input required from Ms Bakewell. Furthermore, the system is 100% photovoltaic powered.

The Result 

Ms Bakewell’s heating now operates at the highest rate of efficiency. Furthermore, the consistent flooring throughout the property will always feel welcoming and comfortable for Ms Bakewell and her guests. The systems come with a 30-Year warranty and the thermostats run at the highest level of efficiency without any input from Ms Bakewell, creating a totally maintenance free home.

Product information

Heating Mat


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