From Cottage to Full-Time Home


From Cottage to Full-Time Home

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Middlebury, CT

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DCM-PRO Peel-and-Stick Membrane


4iE-03 Thermostat

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Residential Connecticut Family

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The Challenge

As a lifelong dream, homeowners Janis and Mike took on a custom home build project on the property that previously served as their vacation cottage. The property, located on Lake Quassipaug in Middletown, CT, offers all of the charm of a small lake community with an unexpected little amusement park for great times close to home. With a goal of moving to the new home full-time, plans were made to remove the cottage structure entirely. Once removed, a new foundation was poured, so that work and planning could begin from the ground up. With so many details to be decided upon the biggest challenge for this couple was focusing on their end-goal of having a peaceful forever home with room for friends and family on the property they’d always cherished.

The Solution

With the dedication of a talented team, homeowners Janis and Mike were guided through their first custom home-build. It was our pleasure to hear from the homeowners who took the initiative to seek a few must-have materials on their own. For their forever home, Janis and Mike were certain that the bathrooms had to have floor heat – a feature they had never had in their homes before but always longed for after experiencing it at friends homes. The quiet, maintance free addition that would deliver comfort was a perfect fit to aid in creating the peaceful environment that the couple longed for in their forever home. With uncertainty in so many of the design decisions that had to be made for the home, it was comforting for the couple to invest in something they were sure they’d love and that was warrantied for life. At the job site, the crew was hesitant to see a product they had never installed before. With the motivation of the homeowners who researched and trusted the Warmup brand, contractors and electricians carried on with their first Warmup installation. It was to everyone’s delight that the crew loved installing the DCM-PRO system because of it’s unique peel-and-stick design that saved them time and frustration that they previously encountered installing underfloor heating. Despite it being their first Warmup install, it was easy for the first-time crew to get the job done quickly.

The Result

A property with treasured memories is now suited for the next phase of Janis and Mikes lives as they prepare to retire and move to their new lake house full-time. After a long day of fun out on the lake bath and shower time marks a time to unwind and relax. Year-round, comfort provided by warm tiles enrichs the peaceful enviorment that Janis and Mike were able to successfully create. Are you planning a custom home build or major renovation to make your home your forever home? Learn more about other couples journey here and watch the timelapse video of the heating system installation there.

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