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An Expanded Warmup® Towel Warmer Collection

Written by Warmup Inc on June 25th, 2019 | News

PRESS RELEASE: Danbury, CT, June 2019

Imagine slipping out of the shower and into a warm towel every day. While some may associate this sensation with a spa experience, others consider it a part of their daily routine thanks to Warmup’s growing electric towel warmer collection. Now, having spa amenities within reach at home is easier and more affordable than ever. Read on to learn what’s new this Spring with the Warmup® towel warmer collection.

A Complete Collection

Recently, the Warmup® towel warmer product line expanded to include designs and finishes for every space. Whether the project calls for upgraded single towel bars or a full heated ladder, Warmup® offers brushed, polished, or new matte black finishes for the job.

The initial development of the towel warmer collection at Warmup® was focused on installation ease, fast heat up times, and low energy consumption. The one customer complaint with the product you ask? No matte black.

As a growing trend with no end in sight, Warmup® is glad to join in and offer matte black towel warmers to meet popular demand. Everything that customers love about the original towel warmer collection is now available in matte black. The addition of matte black completes the towel warmer collection which now offers something for every space so that everyone can enjoy the daily experience of being embraced in a warm towel.

The Warmup® Difference

The Warmup towel warmer collection offers electric models that can be mounted and hard-wired to a light switch. In comparison to hydronic towel warmers, the product is much lighter, easier to install, and heats up much faster. Once mounted and wired, Warmup® towel warmers heat up in just 3 minutes and only consume as much as one or two lightbulbs.

Replace the many existing towel rails out there with a Warmup® towel warmers to add function to any space. Aside from comfort, the towel warmer collection also delivers heat that keeps towels dry and smelling clean.

Warmup’s towel warmer collection can be found in retail locations across North America. To learn more about the entire Warmup® bathroom collection, including mirror defoggers, click here.


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