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Press Release – Warmup New Product Launch: 4iE® Smart WiFi Thermostat

Written by Warmup Inc on May 25th, 2016 | News
black Warmup Smart Thermostat

PRESS RELEASE: Danbury, CT, May 2016

Warmup New Product Launch: 4iE® Smart WiFi Thermostat


Warmup, the world’s best-selling floor heating brand, with over 2 million systems sold in 60 countries and manufacturer of the 3iE Energy-Monitoring thermostat, is proud to announce the launch of the 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat and the MyHeating app for whole house comfort control.

How it works?

The 4iE® was built so you wouldn’t have to touch it. It acts as a room-based control feature when you need to adjust the heat in a pinch, but most adjustments are made automatically via the self-learning and SmartGeo™ features.

The 4iE® will learn from your manual inputs and create a schedule based on those. That’s the self-learning feature of the 4iE®. The real innovation lies in the SmartGeo™ capability, which uses your cell phone location to determine whether you need heat or not. And from there too, it deducts a schedule.

You never have to touch the thermostat. It will know whether you’re there or not, and whether you would like it warmer or not. Not only is it a dramatic shift in comfort, but it is a significant source of savings for the end-user.

The 4iE® is ideal for use with line voltage heating sources such as baseboards and electric underfloor heating systems.


With SmartGeo, the 4iE® can control your heating automatically and reduces your heating usage by up to 25%. It works using the location services built into smartphones, as well as learning your routines and the most efficient settings for your home. So your heating is always at the right temperature, effortlessly. Your home is automatically warm as you arrive, and running efficiently when you’re away. Just like magic.

Standard geo-fencing thermostats use the location services built into your phone to set a temperature based on how far away from home you are. The closer to home you are, the warmer the house, even if you’re going to be out all day and would have normally turned the heating right down. The smart part of SmartGeo™ learns your routines so it knows when you’re likely to leave and when you’re likely to come home. This means it can set lower, more efficient temperatures when you’re likely to be away for longer, even if you’re close by, and still be up to temperature just as you arrive.

High-quality design and engineering

The 4iE® is designed to look great in both modern and traditionally styled homes, with high-gloss effect front faces, and bevelled chrome edges to reflect wall colours.

A range of vinyl Overlays are available in bold colours and textured metal and wood effects. You can even use a custom photo to complement your wallpaper.

The large colour touchscreen can be customized with different themes and uploadable photo backgrounds. There’s even a 7-day local weather forecast built in.

Natural Language Programming™

If you don’t want to use SmartGeo™ or just want to make a quick adjustment, Natural Language Programming™ is simple to use. It uses familiar terms and phrases to understand the requirements for your heating program, for example ‘What time do you wake up?’

Your inputs then build a simple sentence that summarize your programming choices.

Where can I purchase the 4iE® Smart WiFi Thermostat?

The 4iE® is available from all Warmup resellers (see: It is available in Onyx Black and Bright Porcelain.

The MyHeating app for iOS and Android is free to download.

For more information, please visit, email or call us on 888-927 6333

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