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6 Ways to Heat a Garage

Written by Melisa.Warmup on March 5th, 2024 | Uncategorized

Garages are for more than just storing your car and items you don’t want to keep in your house. They can be workshops, gyms, or even a warm place to play in winter. 

Regardless of how you’re using it, you want to keep the space warm, especially if you plan on working in there. Here is what you need to know about how to keep a garage warm in the winter, including six garage heating ideas.

Why is Heating a Garage Difficult?

Garages aren’t typically designed to stay warm during the winter. Most lack insulation, which allows cold air to seep into the space and the concrete floor. They also don’t have a heating source. Even if you were to use a space heater, it would not make a significant difference unless you make improvements to the garage.

How to Improve Your Garage Heating 

The first step in heating a garage is to improve its ability to heat up and hold the heat. This is important in ensuring that the garage stays warm and more efficient. There are a few ways to do this, including:

Insulate the Space

Insulation is vital in creating a warm space. You want to insulate everything, including your garage door, windows, and pedestrian doors. There are many types of insulation you can choose for the walls. Fiberglass is an effective, affordable option, while spray foam offers a more airtight seal but is more expensive. You can use rigid foam boards or buy a special kit for garage doors.

Eliminate Any Drafts

Insulation will make a significant difference, but another step in how to keep a garage warm during the winter is to eliminate drafts. This means sealing any gaps that let cold air in. Start by walking around the garage to inspect everything, paying attention to areas like:

  • The garage door frame: Garage doors typically have small gaps around the edges. A quick fix is a weather strip seal designed for garage doors, which will block cold air from entering.
  • The bottom of the door: If you have an older garage door, consider replacing the seal or threshold where it meets the floor. The seals can become brittle and crack over time, which makes them ineffective at stopping drafts. 
  • Windows: If your garage has windows, they can also be a source of drafts. You can apply caulk or sealant along the frame and use shrink film as a cost-effective solution to protect against drafts.

Choose a Heating Solution

Insulating your garage is a great start, but it may not be enough to keep you warm. You have to take things a step further with other garage heating options. This means either installing a permanent heating solution or finding a suitable temporary option that you can store away when it isn’t needed. 

6 Garage Heating Solutions

Adding a heating solution is a great way to ensure your garage is thoroughly heated. There are many options, and what you choose will depend on your needs and budget. Some popular options include:

1. Space Heaters

Space heaters are great for short-term use because you can bring them out when you need them and store them away when you don’t. There are many types of space heaters: electric, combustion, ceramic, and infrared are just a few options. 

They are best used for spot heating and require some caution, as they can get hot and are also a fire hazard. 

2. A Convection Heater

Another option is a convection heater, which can be powered by electricity, natural gas, or propane. With convection heaters, air convection currents circulate through the unit and its heating elements to heat the air within the room. Depending on the size, convection heaters can heat up quickly and can be an effective solution. Like space heaters, they aren’t ideal for large spaces, and because they circulate air, they may not be ideal for workshops as they will circulate dust and debris. 

3. Ductless Heating and Cooling

Ductless or split systems are another of the many garage heating ideas. They’re an energy-efficient, eco-friendly option and are easier to install than traditional HVAC systems. Despite being easier to install, it has a higher upfront cost than other garage heating solutions, and the filter must be cleaned regularly to prevent debris build-up. 

4. Forced-Air System

A forced-air heater is another solution for heating garage spaces. These systems work by blasting hot air around the garage to create warmth. They are more affordable than other options and can connect to your home’s existing gas or propane lines. The downside is that these systems can be noisy and, like convection heaters, will blow dirt and debris around. They also require regular maintenance, including duct cleaning.

5. Stoves and Fireplaces

Stoves and fireplaces are more rustic garage heater ideas. Each has different types, including wood and gas, and there are many factors to consider. While they are effective solutions, they require maintenance to ensure safety, and they can also be dangerous due to how hot they can get. One of the biggest benefits to this type of system, and why it is the best way to heat a garage workshop, is that they don’t circulate air to produce their heat, which means they won’t move dust and debris around as other systems do.

6. Electric Underfloor Radiant Heating

Underfloor radiant heating is one of the best garage heater ideas. Electric radiant heating systems consist of cables laid under the flooring. The cables produce heat which radiates upward to warm the garage area evenly and consistently at lower temperatures than other systems, without leaving cold spots. Radiant heating is extremely effective and energy-efficient, and can save you money on your energy bill. 

Heating a Garage the Right Way

Garages can serve so many purposes but they are so cold during the winter, which leaves you wondering “how to keep my garage warm?” Despite garages not being designed to be warm, you can take steps to change that. Taking the time to insulate the space and seal any cracks is only part of the solution. The bigger part is choosing one of the many garage heating solutions available. Look no further than electric underfloor heating systems for the most effective, energy-efficient, and cleanest heating. 

With over 25 years of experience, Warmup is dedicated to underfloor heating solutions, with options for every room in your home. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our systems can work in your garage!


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