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Heated Driveways in Denver, CO

Written by Melisa.Warmup on June 12th, 2024 | Snow Melting Systems

Denver, Colorado, sits about 5,280 feet above sea level. While winters are relatively mild, but when it snows, residents are left with the arduous task of clearing the driveway. It may have to be done more than once during the winter, which can be frustrating, because it’s the last thing anyone wants to do. 

That makes the idea of having a heated driveway sound so appealing. With a radiant heating system, you’d never have to shovel your driveway, or even a walkway, again. 

The Climate in Denver, Colorado 

Colorado’s climate is somewhat unpredictable, except for the chance of sunshine, with the state averaging over 300 days per year of sunshine and the changing seasons. Denver has a semi-arid, high-desert climate, but the weather is more attributed to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and Front Range. 

Despite being considered a “winter city,” the winters are relatively mild. Still, temperatures can vary greatly, hovering primarily in the 40s during the day and dropping to the 20s and below at night. While the city gets snow storms, they are short, and snow generally doesn’t stay long, with Denver getting about 57 inches of annual snowfall. 

However, the winters begin early, with the first snowfall often in mid-October and sometimes as early as September. Even in late April, residents still have to deal with snowfall.

Spring brings a mixture of rain and snowfall, with temperatures reaching 80ºF some days. Summers, on the other hand, are mild and relatively dry, with an occasional thunderstorm. Fall follows the same trend of mild weather, with the first snowfall coming around mid-to-late October.

4 Benefits of Radiant Flooring Driveways in Denver

While Denver may have relatively mild winters, and snow doesn’t stick around long, it isn’t melting overnight, which means you have to bring out the shovel and get to work clearing the driveway. Clearing the driveway is essential for safety, but it also makes your life easier and helps minimize the potential damage to your driveway. The problem is that it’s a time-consuming and exhausting task.

Installing a heated driveway in Denver means you can say goodbye to hours of clearing the driveway. It also:

1. Reduces Safety Risks

It is so easy to slip and fall while clearing your driveway and on a snowy driveway in general. A heated driveway will clear the snow in minutes and ensure that no new snow collects.

2. Eliminates the Need to Deice

Deicing your driveway damages your driveway and the environment. Heated driveway systems eliminate the need for these products.

3. Protects Your Driveway

Snow and ice can also damage your driveway by getting into cracks and causing them to expand, eroding the surface, and leaving you with an uneven, damaged driveway that is unattractive. Heated driveways help prevent all of this from occurring. 

4. Automatic Function

A heated driveway system can be turned on manually as needed, but you can also set it up to run automatically, with temperature sensors that detect when it should turn on.

Types of Heated Driveways

Like indoor radiant floor heating systems, there are two types of built-in heated driveways to consider: electric and hydronic systems. Electric heated driveways rely on electrical cables installed under the driveway, while hydronic systems rely on hot water and flexible tubing to create heat. 

A hydronic system mixes the water with antifreeze, which starts at a boiler system where it gets heated before traveling through the pipes to heat the driveway. These systems are more expensive and difficult to install. They also require maintenance and may provide uneven heat, leaving you with patches of unmelted snow.

Electric heating systems rely on electricity for the heat. The electric heating systems have lower upfront costs and are easier to install, but they can cost more to operate depending on your usage. They don’t require maintenance and provide effective, even heating. 

Electric snow-melt mats are a temporary option for those not yet ready to replace their driveway. These systems work the same way as a built-in electric heated driveway, but the mat goes directly on top of the driveway and attaches to a power source. They feature a heavy-duty design that ensures you can safely drive on top of them without causing any damage. 

The Cost of a Heated Driveway in Denver

When it comes to a built-in heated driveway for Denver, the cost depends on the type of system and the size of your driveway. 

For a hydronic heated driveway, you can expect to pay, on average, anywhere from $4,200 to $8,700 for the system alone. The materials and labor can double the cost, with materials and installation costing between $15 and $30/sqft.

An electric-heated driveway will cost about $10/sqft. That means a 20×30 driveway, including controls, can cost around $5,000. You can opt for tracks to save money on an electric built-in system, which can significantly reduce the cost. Electric heating mats can run around $10/sqft.

Operating costs depend on the cost of utilities in your area, and whether you opt for manual or automatic controls.

Tips for Maintaining a Heated Driveway

Electric heated driveway systems are very low maintenance. The main thing you need to do is maintain the driveway’s surface and repair any cracks that occur. You’ll also need to ensure that the wires do not become exposed, which can damage the system. You will also need to watch for signs of cracking and wear in electric mats.

Hydronic systems require much more maintenance. You will need to service the boiler and pump annually. Ask your maintenance company about what else they recommend regarding regular maintenance and if the system needs flushing. Maintenance needs vary by brand, so it is important to check with the manufacturer. 

Choosing Warmup for Your Heated Driveway System

A radiant heat driveway can save you a lot of time and energy by clearing up one of the most tedious wintertime chores. There is no shortage of companies that offer radiant heating systems, but with over 30 years in the industry, Warmup offers some of the best. Their electric built-in heated driveways and mats offer effective and efficient driveway heating, with controls for any size driveway that makes managing the systems easy.

Contact Warmup today to learn more about our heated driveway products and find the best solution for your Denver home.


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