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Can Underfloor Heating Replace Radiators?

Written by Warmup Inc on June 11th, 2014 | Choosing a System
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Underfloor heating is a popular heating method and ideal in bathrooms and kitchens, but it can be used anywhere in the house. Using underfloor heating instead of radiators is possible and depending on your heat loss, you can even get rid of radiators completely.

In order to decide whether underfloor heating can be used as the sole source of heat, you will need to conduct a heat loss calculation. This will tell you whether the heat output of underfloor heating meets the heating requirement of the room or area; the maximum heat output must be larger than the maximum heat loss in order to have enough heat in the room.

For existing houses with central heating, you may be wondering about installing underfloor heating or whether you should keep or update your radiators, by replacing radiators with underfloor heating, the air quality in homes is improved as convection heating with radiators moves dust and pollen around the house. Underfloor systems emit radiant heat which means everyone in a room receives an even distribution of warmth.


If your project happens to be a new build or substantial refurb, then it’s a great time to modernise your heating system. The space-saving advantage of underfloor heating will give you more freedom to put your furniture where you wish with no effect on the heating quality, and you can say goodbye to cold spots. With electric underfloor heating, maintenance is zero, the only thing left to do is set the perfect temperature for every room.


If you are refurbishing a particular room such as a bathroom or kitchen, and there is already central heating in place, it may well be cost effective to leave the radiator there (turned off), and use underfloor heating as the main source of heating going forward depending on the heat loss.

Good quality underfloor heating systems will last as long as the flooring above so there really is no need to have both unless budget restraints prohibit the removal of the existing central heating radiators.

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