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Self-regulating cables for the roof and gutter heating, melt snow and ice, to keep a drain path for water to flow freely away from the house.

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Roof & Gutter Heating

Freeze and thaw cycles create ice dams that can quickly damage or even destroy roof coverings, gutters and downspouts. Pooled water behind the dam may leak into the building, causing water damage, or climb over the ice-filled gutter, forming icicles. The resulting water damage to your home’s interior can be many times more expensive to repair than the roof or gutter itself.

Warmup provides self-regulating electric cables for the roof and gutter heating, that automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes.

The self-regulating heating cable is ideal for both commercial and residential use. A full range of controllers, sensors and accessories is available, guaranteeing the optimal solution for the roof and gutter heating.

Warmup tip: Use the SB-190 water and weather-proof adhesive sealant to fix the roof clips and protect roof shingles. Our roof clips have an extra coating that prevents them from damaging roof shingles.


Warmup offers a selection of electric cable controls to suit your project. Click below to know which control suits your needs.


Self-Regulating Cable – 120V 250ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
250 NAMSR-3W-120-250 3/in 120
250 NAMSR-5W-120-250 5/in 120
250 NAMSR-8W-120-250 8/in 120

Self-Regulating Cable – 240V 250ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
250 NAMSR-3W-240-250 3/in 240
250 NAMSR-5W-240-250 5/in 240
250 NAMSR-8W-240-250 8/in 240

Self-Regulating Cable – 120V 1000ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
1000 NAMSR-3W-120-1000 3/in 120
1000 NAMSR-5W-120-1000 5/in 120
1000 NAMSR-8W-120-1000 8/in 120

Self-Regulating Cable – 240V 1000ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
1000 NAMSR-3W-240-1000 3/in 240
1000 NAMSR-5W-240-1000 5/in 240
1000 NAMSR-8W-240-1000 8/in 240

Self-Regulating Cable – Kits

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
6 NAMSRK-6FT with plug 5/lin 120
12 NAMSRK-12FT with plug 5/lin 120
18 NAMSRK-18FT with plug 5/lin 120
24 NAMSRK-24FT with plug 5/lin 120
50 NAMSRK-50FT with plug 5/lin 120
75 NAMSRK-75FT with plug 5/lin 120
100 NAMSRK-100FT with plug 5/lin 120


Code Description
TAPE-AL Aluminum foil tape for self-regulating cable. Sold in 180ft roll
HANGER-KIT Downspout hanger kit for self-regulating cable and Roof/Gutter heaters
NAM-POWER-KIT Power connection kit for self-regulated cable. Includes 2 warning labels
ROOF-CLIP Metal roof clips. Sold 50/pkg
NAM-SPLICE-KIT Spice/Tee kit for self-regulated cable
SB-190 Adhesive for Warmup Roof Clips
NAM-END-KIT End Seal Kit for Self-Regulating Cable
CRDS-15-GFI 6ft lead with GFCI 3-prong molded plug, NEMA 5-15, 15 amp, 14/3
SPEEDFIT-SPLICE In-line splicing box for fast and weathertight connections in the field
SPEEDFIT-TEE 3-Way T-Splice box for fast and weathertight connections in the field

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