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Foil Heater

The FOIL is an electric floor heating system ideal for carpet heating, laminate, engineered wood and other floating floor finishes.

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Simple to install, the foil heater delivers a consistent and even heat distribution. It can also be installed under the floor finish in wet areas without the need for additional earth grids. The thermal properties of the reinforced aluminum foil used in the heater help to spread the heat evenly.

Improved savings can also be achieved by using foil underfloor heating in conjunction with the Insulated Underlay as it dramatically reduces heat-up times by at least 50%. It is suitable for all applications, providing primary or secondary heating in all rooms or projects that adhere to Building Regulations.

The Foil Heater System is ideal for installation in regular shaped rooms, such as living rooms and bedrooms, as well as carpet heating.

Key Benefits


Installed directly under the floor finish

No self-levelling required. Ideal for carpet heating.


No raise in floor levels

Super-thin, fully earthed flat aluminum foil will not raise floor levels


Fit around objects

Wire based system, can be adapted to fit around objects, no need for complicated wiring


Safety Net Installation Guarantee

If you accidentally damage the heating system during installation, return it to Warmup and we will replace it with another heater of the same make and model free.

10-Years Limited Warranty

This product comes with a 10-Years Warranty. We are completely confident in the standard of our products.

Operating voltage 240V
Thickness 1/8″ (3mm)
Inner / Outer Insulation Advanced fluoropolymer (ETFE)
Output rating 12W/sqft
Coil tail length 10ft (3m)
Approvals cULus


Area to be heated Wattage (W) AMPS Resistance OHMS
20 240 1.0 240
25 300 1.3 192
40 480 2.0 120
50 600 2.5 96
60 720 3.0 80
70 840 3.5 69
95 1140 4.8 51
115 1380 5.8 42
130 1560 6.5 37
140 1680 7.0 34

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Choosing the correct control system is crucial in ensuring that your heating system works in the best possible way, efficiently and easily

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Insulated Underlay

A thin polystyrene insulation barrier with effective acoustic properties to reduce contact noise.

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