Pipe Freeze Protection

Warmup freeze protection cables can be applied to pipes, ducts and water lines.


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Designed to keep pipes free of snow, our self-regulating cable gives you peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected from the potential damage caused by frost.

This product is constructed of a self-regulating polymer core that varies its output along its entire length. The self-regulating wire is ideal for pipes and frost protection applications as it regulates its output depending on the ambient temperature, making it more energy efficient to run. It’s well suited for both residential and industrial applications and can be installed indoor and outdoor.


Designed perfectly for small and medium sized jobs, the TRF115 Controller will provide protection to pipes, ducts and sprinklers to prevent the destructive effects of burst pipes.

TRF115 Controller is in a rugged, weather resistant enclosure, enabling placement most anywhere. It mounts near or onto the pipe or duct for accurate monitoring. It has a large, visible dial, allowing for easy & simple control of set points.

Self-Regulating Cable – 120V 250ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
250 NAMSR-3W-120-250 3/in 120
250 NAMSR-5W-120-250 5/in 120
250 NAMSR-8W-120-250 8/in 120

Self-Regulating Cable – 240V 250ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
250 NAMSR-3W-240-250 3/in 240
250 NAMSR-5W-240-250 5/in 240
250 NAMSR-8W-240-250 8/in 240

Self-Regulating Cable – 120V 1000ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
1000 NAMSR-3W-120-1000 3/in 120
1000 NAMSR-5W-120-1000 5/in 120
1000 NAMSR-8W-120-1000 8/in 120

Self-Regulating Cable – 240V 1000ft Spools

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
1000 NAMSR-3W-240-1000 3/in 240
1000 NAMSR-5W-240-1000 5/in 240
1000 NAMSR-8W-240-1000 8/in 240

Self-Regulating Cable – Kits

Length (ft) Code Watts Volts
6 NAMSRK-6FT with plug 5/lin 120
12 NAMSRK-12FT with plug 5/lin 120
18 NAMSRK-18FT with plug 5/lin 120
24 NAMSRK-24FT with plug 5/lin 120
50 NAMSRK-50FT with plug 5/lin 120
75 NAMSRK-75FT with plug 5/lin 120
100 NAMSRK-100FT with plug 5/lin 120


Code Description
TAPE-AL Aluminum foil tape for self-regulating cable. Sold in 180ft roll
NAM-LABEL+TAPE Sold in roll of 66ft. Includes 10 caution labels.
NAM-POWER-KIT Power connection kit for self-regulated cable. Includes 2 warning labels
NAM-END-KIT End Seal Kit for Self-Regulating Cable
NAM-SPLICE-KIT Spice/Tee kit for Self-Regulating Cable.
SPEEDFIT-BOX In-line splicing box for fast and weathertight connections in the field.
SPEEDFIT-TEE 3-Way T-Splice box for fast and weathertight connections in the field.
SPEEDFIT-SPLICE In-line splicing box for fast and weathertight connections in the field.

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