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How to Prevent Snow and Ice Buildup on Steps & Walkways - September 10, 2013 by Dave Mckiever

Everyone knows about ways to melt or remove snow and ice on steps and walkways after they have become slippery and require attention.  Salt and sand are the usual methods, and then of course there is the traditional shoveling adventure.

  • Salt damages concrete and kills plants around it

  • Shovels will ruin stonework

At Warmup, we have snow melting products that will prevent snow & ice build-up so they do not become an issue for you.  To quote Benjamin Franklin: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Our snow and ice melting cables and mats can be used under asphalt, concrete, and pavers. Automatic controllers activate the cables by readings from the temperature and moisture sensors. The systems stay on until the surface(s) are clear. Below is an example where Crain Development is installing the mats beneath stone pavers to prevent snow build-up at this residential entryway in Chicago.

  • The mats/cables are installed over a gravel and/or sand base.

  • When transitioning on the concrete base for the steps, the cable is angled along the risers.

In high-traffic areas, complete coverage is being provided, on the steps and through the walkway. But along the façade, a single strip of 2ft-wide mat was enough to provide a passage-way to get around the house.

After the cables had been tested thoroughly, the masons applied a 2” layer of mortar on the steps to lay the stonework. Landscapers followed and stamped between 1” and 2” of sand on the gravel base, over the heating cable, before laying down the stones. Until covered, protect the cables with cardboard or ½” ply.

The mats and cables come in standard sizes, and are quite easy to lay out. Key steps to a smooth job involve:

  • identify the location of the controller. In this case, on the side of the house, about 3ft off the ground.

  • Install a 9” x 9” outdoor junction box below the controller to make all the necessary connections

  • Route a ¾” to 1” conduit to the start of the heating mat or cable. When using more than one cable, use larger conduit, or better, route two conduits.

  • Finally, plan for and mark any future drilling for fencing or railings. Spray painting approximate locations on the gravel or concrete before laying the mats is a good way to prevent drilling through the wire.

IMG_1875          IMG_1884          IMG_1891


IMG_1974          IMG_1973

The above installation is priced at about $2,900. It includes $1,550 for cables and controls, about $750 in electrical rough in and connection work, and $600 for mat installation, testing and control set-up.  For more information, www.craindevelopment.com.


Self-leveling pour? Warmup looks at Edge Strip Kits. - August 28, 2013 by Dave Mckiever

Edgstrip 2 Edgestrip 1
This week Warmup tested the Edge Strip kits, a new “peel and stick” product to provide a perimeter border around a room in order to contain a Self-Leveling pour. It removes the need for additional caulks or wood “dams”. They are made of a lightweight synthetic cork and cut simply with a standard utility knife.

Warmup often recommends to “scratch coat” the mats or cables with a ¼” of thin set mortar. This protects the wire and allows for a more trouble free tile installation. Actually, on some jobs, the tile or stone will require a very even floor (travertine, mosaics, and oversized tiles), in which case a self-leveling cement will provide even better results. The Edge Strip Kits featured in the video below offers an interesting approach to contain a self-leveling pour.

  • Apply peel-and-stick synthetic strips to form a perimeter around the heated area.

  • Install heating mat or cable within the perimeter

  • Pour a leveling cement to the edge of the strips (about 3/8”)

For more information, visit http://www.edgestripkits.com


Beauty and Brains in a Programmable Thermostat! - May 15, 2013 by Keronk

When you think of floor heating thermostats, it’s hard to get too excited, right?  We just want them to keep our floors nice and comfortable during those cold and chilly days.  What if we told you Warmup has a state of the art digital thermostat that will exceed your expectations?  One that will save you more money than with traditional digital thermostats by automatically adjusting to changing external conditions to give optimal start-up times – no wasted energy.

On a cold day, it will know to switch on sooner, and on a mild winter day, it will ease on the power to ensure maximum efficiency.  More than that, it is the first thermostat to feature Active Energy Management (AEM) which prompts you to choose the best and most efficient temperature in each room. These features and more add the Warmup 3IE Energy Monitoring Thermostat to the eco-friendly family of products that are available today.   That is just a sample of the brains behind it.  As for the beauty…You can see for yourself! Click here to see it in action.

us_warmup-3ie 3iE blogs

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