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Tiling Under or Around the Toilet? - March 28, 2014 by Dave Mckiever



From experienced tile professionals to part-time DIYs, there are differing opinions on whether to tile under or around the toilet.  While either method will work, the vast majority seems to favor tiling under the toilet (check out the forum links below).  Here are some top reasons why:


  • Less cutting involved – less frustration trying to cut the tile up to the toilet.
  • Easier to replace the toilet down the road especially if it has a different footprint.
  • End result looks more professional.


We had a chance to get some feedback from Phil Green of Edge Strip Kits who has been a tile setter for over 42 years.  He states, “As a professional Tile setter for over 42 years, I would say that I have never tiled AROUND a toilet. It’s just easier to pull it and then tile under it. This allows the toilet to be changed in the future with no additional call back for tile repairs.  Another good reason for pulling the toilet and not cutting around it would be to replace the wax ring at this time. Many simple leaks can easily be repaired by changing the wax ring seal. If you tiled up to the toilet, you would not be able to notice this small leak until extensive damage had occurred.”








If you are considering laying tile for your bathroom, this would be the time to also consider adding Warmup electric radiant floor heating to keep those tiles luxuriantly warm during chilly days.  A complete floor heating solution can cost as little as $372.00 (includes advanced 3iE Energy Monitoring Thermostat with GFCI) depending on your needs.  Call us for details.




Warmup at JLC Live New England - March 19, 2014 by Dave Mckiever


Warmup In Floor Heating Systems to Attend JLC Live New England

World’s best-selling electric floor heating brand will showcase hottest spring products at March 21 and 22 show 

Blog - 3iE_thermostat_Warmup_InFloor_Heating

Danbury, Conn. – Spring is the time that many homeowners transform their kitchens and baths with new flooring, countertops, appliances and other upgrades. These renovations provide the perfect opportunity to install in floor heating systems. For this reason, Warmup Inc. is excited to showcase its hottest products at JLC Live New England on Friday, March 21 and Saturday, March 22, 2014.

 Known as the most eagerly anticipated event of the year for residential construction professionals, Warmup looks forward to educating attendees about the demand for electric floor heating and its benefits for homeowners.

 “Spring is great for introducing our in floor heating systems to homeowners,” said Regis Verliefde, CEO of Warmup Inc. “The season always brings a mood of renewal and sparks renovation projects. Installing our products while changing out flooring is not only simple, but in floor heating also adds comfort and is an energy efficient source of radiant heat. Not many know that, so we are excited to share at JLC Live.”

 Warmup’s products include heating mats, loose wire systems, foil heaters and snow melting systems. Each product features a flexible and thin design and can be installed under a variety of floor types such as tile, laminate, stone, carpet, vinyl, wood and concrete.  

Additionally, cutting-edge insulation panels and a 21st century thermostat, the 3iETM, that monitors energy costs make Warmup a real alternative to radiators, baseboards and forced air heating.  “By using data gathered while operating the radiant floor heating systems in the home, the 3iE makes recommendations for the most efficient settings to operate the system,” explained Verliefde. “Therefore, homeowners can save ten percent on energy bills!”

 Warmup will be exhibiting at booth 439 during JLC Live. Stop by to discover the latest technology for spring. For more details, please visit www.warmup.com.

 About Warmup:

Warmup Inc. is the North American arm of Warmup Plc., England’s leading manufacturer of electric floor heating systems for all types of floors, including foyers, baths, kitchens, living rooms and specialty areas such as sunrooms and yoga studios. Warmup’s unique heating element has been tested and approved by leading certified laboratories, meeting the most up-to-date stringent standards, confirming the company’s commitment to quality and safety. Warmup Inc. is a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA) the National Tile Contractor’s Association (NTCA) and Radiant Panel Association (RPA). For more information, visit www.warmup.com or call 1-888-927-6333.

Shedding Some Light On Sunrooms - November 22, 2013 by Dave Mckiever

So you like sitting in the sun, but don’t like sharing time with the bugs.  You like the rhythmic sound of rain hitting the roof, but don’t like getting wet (who does?).  Watching the snow fall can be a peaceful and enjoyable experience, but not so much when you try reading your favorite book outside.  Enter… the Sunroom!  Enjoy all the joys of the seasons and none of the painsBefore you begin your project, here are some factors the experts say you need to consider:

SunroomsPic   4-season-sunroom-winter


  • Decide if you want a 3 or 4 season sunroom.  What’s the difference?  The 3 season option is typically not heated, while the 4 season option is designed for year round living and is heated and cooled.
  • How much do you want to spend, or should we say, how much can you afford to spend?  Unfortunately, sometimes it is either one or the other.  A less expensive option would be looking into a kit that a handyman/handywoman could put together on his or her own.  If you don’t mind spending more money, are looking for more design flexibility, and would rather put your feet up and let someone else do the work, then go for the custom build.  Before you make a choice make sure you do your research.
  • Since windows/glass panes are likely to make up a major portion of your sunroom, don’t skimp on the materials.  Make sure you purchase thick, weather sealed glass.  Consider the U-value, which rates how much heat will pass through the glass.  A lower number means less heat passes through, a benefit on those hot sunny days.  Here’s something else to consider, purchasing double glazed glass provides great insulation and has glare reduction.
  • What kind of flooring can you use?  It all depends on the look and feel you want for your sunroom.  Tile, carpet, laminate and natural wood are all options.  Don’t rule out linoleum either.  Nowadays it’s not the same stuff you found in homes from the 1940’s onward.  It comes it renewable materials and a variety of nice designs and colors.  Go for a romp on your preferred search engine and see for yourself!
  • Radiant electric heating under your sunroom flooring is the perfect way to not only keep your feet nice and toasty during those colder days, but will heat up the entire room as well.  Radiant electric heat is designed to heat the room from the floor up, resulting in an even heat distribution avoiding cold spots associated with other heating methods.  Always make sure that your choice of flooring is compatible with radiant heating if you decide to go that route.  Feel free visit our website at www.warmup.com or call directly at 1-888-927-6333 for more information.

For additional ideas and advice regarding building your dream sunroom, check out these websites:



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