Heavy Duty Plastic Trowel 11″ x 5.5″ for use over Floor Heating Cable


Why choose our high-quality plastic trowel?

1- To prevent the damage that can be caused by sharp metal trowels

2- For a fast and easy electric radiant installation

3- The Pro Style handle with slip-resistant grip is comfortable and strong

4- It is lightweight yet durable

5- It is easy to clean up with water and no metal means no rust

6- The ABS plastic is the safest trowel design for floor heating

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Choose our high-quality plastic trowel to prevent the damage that can be caused by sharp metal trowels. While our DCM-PRO Uncoupling Membrane and tough heating wire make damage uncommon, a metal trowel is the number one cause of a cut or nicked wire when a damage happens. Our commercial quality trowel has been tested and approved by tile professionals and the 1/4″ U-notch design works for most tile installations. You can use the flat side to skim coat mortar over your floor heating system installation.

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