Bathrooms are usually limited by space and maximising every inch of the room is important. Bathroom underfloor heating is a renovator’s dream as it does not take up any wall space, gives complete design freedom and adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom.


We have highlighted some design inspiration for you below. Use it to start planning the bathroom of your dreams.

When renovating and thinking of getting the system for your bathroom you should get a heat loss calculation done to ensure the system’s heat output meets the heating requirement of the room. Our expert team is available to help you and give you an estimate of the heat requirement of your bathroom and the type of system you will need. Get in touch and start planning your dream bathroom today.

Use complementary colours to create a warm feel in a small bathroom




Consider adding a walk in shower to create a greater sense of space




Be bold with colours



Add plants to give colour and to help purify the air



Choose stylish mirrors



Add extra lighting



Mix multiple colours



Use gold to create impact



Make use of natural light



Don’t forget heated towel rails and other bathroom accessories

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