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Watch the new 3iE Thermostat Video!

Watch the new 3iE Thermostat Video!

Electric Floor Heating Systems

Tile and Stone floors

Install a Warmup Matting or Loose Wire floor heating system to take the chill off stone and tile floors, or to heat your whole space!

Laminate and Cork floors

Bring the comfort of radiant heat to your home with Warmup under your laminate, cork and engineered wood floors.

Electric Snow Melting Solutions

Snow Melting

We can't control the weather and certainly can't prevent snow for falling but we can control the outcome. With Warmup snow-melting and de-icing systems, you can rest assured your driveways, paths, walkways, stairs and roofs will remain snow and ice free!

Electric floor heating

Should I Choose a 120V or 240V Electric Floor Heating System?
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How To Find & Fix a Floor Heating System
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Underfloor Heating Installations – Pictures Now Prevent Guesswork Later
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