SafetyNet Guarantee

If your radiant heating product is damaged during installation and before applying the flooring, Warmup will replace it (maximum 1 heater) with another heater of the same make and model for free, providing the following guidelines are met:
  1. You've purchased a Warmup Radiant Heating system, and followed all recommended installation procedures written in the Installation Manual. Failure to follow the instructions will invalidate the guarantee.
  2. If you make a mistake and cut or damage the Warmup heater BEFORE laying down your final flooring, return the damaged heater, to Warmup within 30 DAYS along with your original dated sales receipt. Warmup will mail a repair kit and instructions at no charge to the installation site within 24 hours. Limit of one free repair kit per customer or installer.
  3. Please Note: If you cut or damage the heater AFTER installing your flooring you are not guaranteed with SafetyNet cover, please contact Warmup immediately for technical support.
  1. Repaired heaters carry a 5-year warranty only. Under no circumstances is Warmup responsible for the repair or replacement of any tiles or flooring which may be removed or damaged in order to affect the repair.
  2. The SafetyNet Guarantee does not cover any other type of damage, misuse, or improper installation due to improper adhesive or subfloor conditions. Limit of one free replacement heater per customer or installer.
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