The Science Behind Warmup Products

The Science Behind Warmup Products
  • We are the only company to own a $2M IEC-certified testing facility in Germany where we work with flooring manufacturers to guarantee the safe installation of floors and heating systems. No other company can provide you with the level of confidence in your radiant heating product than we can. All testing is done at our state of the art research IEC-certified testing center (the CUBE) in Germany. To learn more about this testing facility click here.
  • Warmup runs all of our products through extensive testing before we sell them to you, thus ensuring you get the best performance and quality you expect. For example, one of the things we determine is how our products heating efficiency compares to that of other manufacturers. Based on the results, we can confidently say we are the best choice for radiant underfloor heating. "Call us today at (888)927-6333 about your project"
  • To ensure you get the fastest heat-up times for our radiant underfloor heating solutions, Warmup is proud to offer specially designed insulation boards for use during the installation process. Made of waterproof extruded polystyrene with a fiberglass mesh, these boards (only ¼ inch thick) will prevent any heat-loss caused by the subfloor. Please note the testing results we compiled via our IEC certified CUBE research center :
  • We have engineered our wires to provide the highest temperature ratings on the market. At 132F with a cable under ¼” thick, Warmup has the best engineered solution on the market today. Each cable has a resistance that “slows down” the current of electricity and through “friction”, causes the cable to heat up. More resistance means more friction and more heat, but you would normally need a thicker cable to withstand the pressure. Warmup′s uniqueness is that it was able to drive a high resistance in a very thin cable, actually THE thinnest cable, and provide the aforementioned results.
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